Thursday, May 14, 2015

Thirteen things.

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                                                            Thursday Thirteen

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1. I remember well the Christmas (1977) when my daughter Shirley gave me a large quilting hoop for a gift. It has gotten much use over the years. Although I have given up hand quilting, I still have the hoop..

2. How excited was everyone when Noah Galloway (the double amputee) proposed to his girlfriend on national tv on Dancing With the Stars. Not a dry eye in the house.

3. Although I have ridden Amtrak many times to various places, with the latest crash in Philadelphia I am rethinking my mode of transportation. Once again it seems (and I stress 'seems') to be engineer error. Do I want to put my life in the hands of men who are reckless?

4. My Mom had always talked of wanting to go out West so in 1980 I had the privilege of making her dream come true. She was 76 years old. She loved every minute of it. Here is a picture of Mom and two of her granddaughters camping out at the Grand Canyon.

5. I am busy packing for a trip to Nags Head, N. C. Since moving to Virginia, I have gotten to vacation there many times. It's always fun.

6. A group of us ladies from the apartment complex where I live get together once a week to play dominoes. I seldom win. But, I enjoy their company. On the other hand, I most times win when playing bingo. So, all is not lost.

7. I have kept a journal/diary off and on for most of my life. It was sporadic until I began in earnest in 1998 to make it an almost daily habit. Now I have stacks and stacks of journals that I sometime pick up and read, just for the fun of remembrance. 

8. When my husband retired from his teaching job in 1990 I was so excited. I had bought him a small fishing boat as a gift. He did enjoy it but his first love was foxhunting. Here he is taking me out for a fishing trip.

9. When I look back at all I have done in my 81 years, I just wonder what is ahead. Perhaps it is a good thing we can't see into the future.

10. And, speaking of the future. I am very concerned about our country and the direction it is headed.I pray to God that in the upcoming election we get a good God fearing leader. 

11. After Hubby retired, our youngest daughter took us to Europe on a trip of a lifetime. Here he is looking out our open hotel window at a street musician on the streets of Paris. How nice it would be if we had unexpected music in the streets around here. I'd love that.

12. We all went through the phase of making movies/videos and not necessarily making snapshots. I had no pictures of some of the places we'd been so I was excited to learn how to capture 'snapshots' off my old movies by using a program on my computer. The above picture is one of them.

13. Sometimes children who live in the city never have the fun of gathering veggies from a real garden. I loved taking my grandson out to pick his first tomatoes. 


  1. You're a very pretty lady and an adventuresome one! How fun to have traveled so much and to be planning a vacation now. Have to agree with you on the direction of the's been nerve-wracking to watch.

  2. You have had a blessed life...full of adventures. I enjoyed your post. I am pretty much a 'stay-at-home' girl, but I enjoy your memories and hearing about what you are doing now too. I don't post near as much with my husband retired. I could I guess but its just on the back burner.

  3. HI, I enjoyed reading and learning more about you... That was neat that your mother got to finally go out west.... So special! I too am worried about the direction of our country ---and worry about my grandchildren and what kind of country this will be when they grow up. Our ancestors did such a great job providing all of this freedom for us. Now--we are losing it---in addition to 'In God we Trust'... Very sad.... I too hope we get a good God-loving President.


  4. That trip with Grandmother was so special! It meant a lot to me to see her get to enjoy it all, and I treasure her little journal of the trip! So happy you and Dad went to Paris, Mom! And that photo with Dad when you gave him the boat...priceless! Such sweet memories along the way for your 81 years, right? I love that! How cute to see the tomato-picking! I hope I finally get a few tomatoes during the Hell that is our summer! :-) I have a few healthy plants out there and have my fingers crossed! :-)

  5. Love that shot of your grandmother camping out!

  6. children of today and children who live in the city really do miss out on a lot!! i can't wait for my garden to produce!!! what a special trip with grandma!!!!

  7. While I pereonally do not do memes, Latane, this was an interesting 13 post. How wonderful that you are planning another trip. We also play dominoes on a weekly basis and never worry about winning or losing and neither do the others we usually play with. Glad your mother got to take that trip. I agree that the state of current affairs is worrisome.

  8. I am amazed at all of these things you've done in your interesting life, Latane! Each one of them could be a story in itself. Thank God that you have kept a journal! Yes, it brings you joy--I love reading over mine--but just think how your family in succeeding generations will treasure those notebooks. I'm sure that all your days ahead will find you vibrantly interested still in all around you.

    Enjoy your trip to Nag's Head. I'm a NC mountain lover myself but my daughter and her family made many trips to Nag's Head and loved it so much that they thought about moving there. A divorce put an end to that but now she lives a mile from the ocean in FL.


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