Thursday, May 7, 2015

Thursday Thirteen

I was just checking out what was on blogger this morning and found a new meme that I think I will like. It's called Thursday Thirteen  Come on over and join in. 

1. For a gal who has never been a morning person, I am finding that it's not bad at all to get up early.

2. I've been having fun downloading all my old movies/videos to my computer. Next project - learn to edit them!!

3. Maybe I need to develop more patience. The few minutes I watch my hummingbird feeder with camera at the ready, nothing happens. The minute I turn my back, here the little stinkers come!!

4. I love getting surprises. My feller walked in yesterday with an orchid plant for me. It was in full bloom. How sweet is that!!

5. Why do I read books that I don't really like? I guess I think if I start something, I should finish it. I think too much!!

6. As I age I am getting more picky about how I spend my time. I need to get more picky with my reading choices, don't you think?

7. I wish I could go to Paris just one more time before I get so old I can't go. But, at least I have wonderful memories of trips when I was younger. I have seen it, I have felt it and I really, really enjoyed it. 

8. I had a leaky commode yesterday. I just called maintenence. Sure nice to have them at my beck and call.

9. Sunday is Mother's Day. I had one of the best ever and I sure do miss her.

10. There's so little to watch on tv these days. And, we pay SO much for SO little.

11. I'm kind of getting the itch to do some scrapbooking. Maybe I will pull out all my supplies and get busy. How nice to have the option to just 'piddle'.

12. I'm happy that I am a blogger. I just don't know what I'd do without my blogging buddies. So, thank you for being there, making my days brighter, following me, leaving me comments so I have a smile on my face. You're the best. 

13. I am hungry. I do believe it's breakfast time. See you again real soon.


  1. Latane amazing how we miss people at the oddest times when they are gone

  2. Nice to meet a new blogger doing the TT and love the stream of consciousness. I'm the same with the birds and with being hungry for breakfast now.

  3. I'm so glad you've joined us on T13. I, also, don't know what I'd do without my blogging buddies.

    I used to be a night owl, but my kids cured me of it. Now they are night owls, but I'm still "cured".

  4. Interesting 13. Like you, I don't know what I'd do without my Blogging Buddies and Face Book Buddies!
    Our Hummers seems to have disappeared! Haven't seen them in a few days....maybe I need to make fresh nectar. You better hang on to that special friend;)

  5. Welcome to T13! I, too, would like to return to Paris some day, and isn't that always the way with birds in general? The minute you don't have the camera (or have it ready), that's when you'll see what you were waiting for. My Bookish T13

  6. I don't know if I could have come up with did great! I enjoyed reading it all. Sit in a chair waiting for the hummers. If you just saw one feeding, it will likely be about 5 or 10 minutes before another one comes or he comes back....wait till about 6 to 8 minutes have passed, then sit down in front of the sliding glass in your chair and wait. You'll be so happy when you have success with a photo!

  7. Welcome to Thursday Thirteen! Glad you like it! I used to think if I started a book and didn't like it, I had to finish it anyway. I don't think that any more. I'm glad I got over that.

  8. Welcome Aboard! This week's is my 100th T13.
    Re 31: I usta be a nightowl until circumstance changed me to an early-to-bedder. Now I'm usually up around 4AM so I can get in at least a couple hours writing before I have to go to work.. Works for me.

  9. i really enjoyed learning a little more about you!!! i LOVE the mornings but i LOVE sleeping i go with the flow, and flow any way that feels right!!!

    i never edit my pictures, never, not ever. i love the art of photographs, just the way they are!!!

    i had to laugh at number 10, we were more entertained by t.v. when we had only 10 channels and no remote. why is that???

  10. You've actually been to Paris? How wonderful! Do you ever post pictures from then?

    And don't feel guilty about not finishing a book that doesn't grab your interest. Life is much too short for that! And I often tell my husband that life was so nice when we had 4 channels, ABC, NBC, CBS, and public tv. And we had to get up to adjust the volume or turn the channel. We have to have basic cable now simply because we live in a valley surrounded by tall hills and don't get reception even with the big roof antenna we tried when we moved here. How much more would I get done if I didn't have a television! Well, maybe this computer takes up a little bit of time too!

    Happy Mother's Day to you!

  11. #1 I'm up by 4:30 most mornings.
    #2 Not for me.
    #3 I've never had patience.
    #4 And so I.
    #5 Not much of a reader.
    #6 I've always been picky.
    #7 I was in Paris, Tenn once, does that count?
    #8 I'm the maintenance man, that why everything is broken.
    #9 And so did I.
    #10 I pay nothing and get nothing. What a deal
    #11 I'll pass.
    #12 And so am I.
    #13 I'm always hungry.
    Tom The Backroads Traveller


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