Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Just a little flatbread in life

Having been laid up for a few days, I finally got in the kitchen last night to fix Leslie and me a bite of dinner.
                           Bless his heart. We say that in the south...'Bless his (or her) heart'.

That's just a type of sentiment. But, I really do have to wish blessings on that man. He took great care of me when I was 'under the influence' so to speak. (a sensitivity to the drugs I had for a tooth extraction).

So, my companion for the last 3 years went shopping for me! Again, I have to say 'bless his heart'. I needed some milk and so he comes in with an armful of grocery bags. As I pull out all these surprises I again appreciate his loving thoughtfulness.

                                            I had once said that I loved flatbread. 

Now, here is a man who is a totally red meat and potatoes kind of guy. And, he's found flatbread in the bread aisle and brought it home to me.

What to do? I've never bought flatbread. I've just eaten it in restaurants, already prepared, and yummy each time. What is in my frig that I can make us a meal?

I found some sausage and fried it up. I chopped up some red and yellow peppers and a chunk of purple onion that I had left over from another dish last week.

I look around the shelves. Oh, there's a jar of spaghetti sauce that I had opened and not used. And, a ripe red tomato. If I only had some fresh basil. Oh well. the dried will have to do. So, I sprinkle a bit on the sauce I had spread around on the bread.

Cheese. This thing needs cheese. Last week I had purchased a bag of shredded colby cheese. Not the kind I'd think would work but you know... it did.

I piled all that mess on top of a slice of flatbread and heated it up in the oven until the cheese was melted.

                       I can't wait until lunch today so that I can finish off our left-overs.

                              Gee, I wonder if I could get away with that for breakfast?



  1. Your flatbread pizza looks yummy! A great idea! Have a happy day!

  2. Bless your pea picking heart----so glad you are back in the pink (of health). lol

  3. What a nice man! And your plate looks delicious and all from contents that were on hand in your fridge and pantry. And I bet you could come up with a breakfast dish from the flatbread with eggs for a starting point.

  4. That looks so good! And, he sounds like a keeper!

  5. What a great idea! It does look yummy. I see you got your book finished. Many congratulations on that accomplishment!

  6. Yum! It really looks good! That was very sweet of Leslie to shop for you!

  7. we are all grown up!!! we can eat anything we want for breakfast ;)


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