Sunday, June 14, 2015

Closer Still

I am amazed at the changes I have made over the past few years. Some came about because of encouragement from other people, some as a matter of time evolution, some because I seem to be constantly morphing from other thing into another. 

Most I am very happy with. I have to say that my son-in-law is responsible for my current interest in photography. I had taken pictures with those old 'film' cameras and I did it out of the necessity of preserving some images of my children as they grew, of places we had lived, things we had seen. But, I'd just snap, develop and that was it. 

Then came the digital camera. 
         NO, I said to repeated suggestions that I get one. But, that sneaky son in law of mine chose one for my husband to give me for Christmas one year and I was SUNK.... 

I had a small one first, then in 2007 I upgraded to a Canon SX20 with a 20 zoom lens. I guess about every picture you all have seen was taken by that camera. That is, if the picture was taken after 2007. I do tend to go back into my archives, way back sometimes, to get what I need. 

Now, I have a new Canon with a 42 zoom lens. Brand-spanking new and I am headed out tomorrow on an overnight jaunt and I will be trying that thing out. 

But, I have discovered that this old gal's hand shakes more than it used to!! Wonder how that happened!! You will see in the close-up below that it isn't quite as sharp as the one taken a year ago. So, I guess I will be in the market for a tripod soon. 

Here is a picture I made last year, zoom fully extended, to get a photo of the osprey nesting atop the cell tower near my apartment. 

and one taken with my new camera... 

You can even see the poop in this one. Just wait til I catch the baby osprey sticking their heads up!! 


  1. Bravo! I am looking forward to seeing more images!

  2. Cool, you have great zoom with this camera. I love the Ospreys. Have a happy day!

  3. You have a new toy to capture a new baby.

  4. What a difference it makes! We can never have enough zoom when we are photographing nature. I just got a new Canon too and I'm loving it! We could zoom together! heehee! Hugs, Diane

  5. Such a large improvement! I know you're thrilled. Can't wait to see what else you capture.

  6. Oh wow! I am jealous because my camera is only capable of the first shot! How COOL that you can now see up close and personal. Have fun!

  7. Fantastic Mom! I am jealous too....mine will only do what your first photo did, as well. I wish I had greater zoom AND macro capabilities but at least the camera I have is better than the first digital I started with. Love your new osprey shot!


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