Friday, June 12, 2015

Coming Up Pink

Pink used to be my favorite color. I was young then, newly married and I wanted my house decorated in PINK. We even had a gray and pink formica top kitchen table and the chairs were padded in some sort of pink plastic.

My taste has changed, I am happy to say, over the years. But, pink does creep in here and there from time to time. I am linking up with Pink Saturday. Check them out to see the pink things that other people post about. And, be sure to look in on Today's Flowers for more beautiful entries.

This cute little welcome sign graces someone's garden spot here at the Commons. Totally whimsical. I mean I've never heard of pink birds have you? Oh, geez, I forgot flamingos. Just goes to show you I can't remember everything. 

I have two new geraniums on my balcony tables... they have pink flowers.

as well as the mandavilla vine that I hope will attract hummingbirds.

I still like pink but not enough to buy a pink and gray table for my kitchen. That was a bit over the top, wasn't it?


  1. I liked you choice of pinks today. I think the little birds are cute.

  2. Lovely pinks! The birdie welcome sign is cute and the flowers are lovely. Enjoy your day and weekend!

  3. Those little fadey birdies have seen Springs and Winters, the growth and heat of Summers, and were not out of place in all the golds and oranges of the many Falls they've watched change their world..

    My taste has changed, as well, a total 360 from the pinks and pastels of childhood, through the dull-but-zany-bright colours of the Seventies (and a double-set of black Naugahyde furniture comes to mind in our Mississippi house with the enormous family room and orange countertops). Then the smoky-green and muted tones of the past couple of decades.

    And in this little last house, the one we hope will see us all the way through, it's florals and pale greens and a new-in-progress pink KITCHEN with walls the colour of a Sweet 'n' Low packet, and cabinets as dazzling-white as the little plastic set which graced my first dollhouse. It's still unfinished, with the counters yet to come, but this infusion of BRIGHT has certainly lifted my spirits and made the promise of the years spent in this new kitchen a great thing to look forward to.


  4. I was a child of the 1950s so I grew up in a house decorated in pink and turquoise. Those same colors can be seen again today in some of the small appliances I see in stores. You have a charming garden. Such sweet birdies nestled among the pink flowers.


  5. Those little pink birds look vintage, don't they? Your pink blooms are lovely and I hope you do get to enjoy visits from hummingbirds.

  6. not over the top at all...if you loved it!! i love purple, but i don't decorate with it, i wear it and accessorize with it!! pretty blooms!! have a great weekend!!!

  7. Lovely pink blooms, Mom, and I hope they will attract the hummers. I also think the pink bird sign is cute. No, the pink formica table wasn't over the top! Pink used to be a pretty popular color to decorate with in the 50s, so you were in good company, I think. I do remember you loving pink. Great post!

  8. Our tastes definitely do change over the years, don't they? I remember my parents having Formica counters in the kitchen!

    I like pink, too, especially in clothes, but in decorating I prefer it to be more subtle :)

    Anyway, pretty flowers and photos!

  9. What pretty little pink blooms. Pink has overtaken my garden, so I have to be careful not to add more!


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