Thursday, July 9, 2015


In the springtime I watched for the osprey couple to return and take residence atop the cell tower about 150-200 yards from my apartment. 

It has been such a joy watching them refurbish their nest

seeing that first baby bird's head pop up and look around

and seeing the dad out searching for food to feed his family

then this morning, I walked out onto the balcony. Had my orange juice, was going to sit in the sunshine a few minutes. There in the sky were four, yep, four osprey flying around and around. The parents were out with the young'uns. 

I grabbed my camera but I could never get the camera focused when all four were close together. Finally one of the birds settled down on top of a post on the cell tower facing west...

 and another flew off, farther and farther away and finally was out of sight. 

I assume that was the mommy watching her baby leave the nest and start a life of it's own. 

I have enjoyed watching those osprey. They mate for life and return to their nest every year. It's like having a friend visit for the summer. Next spring I will be watching for them to come again. 


  1. It is wonderful to now have time to watch nature and the seasons past,
    but the years are going to fast, I retired in 2005

  2. This is so fun to watch...great pictures Latane! Just a joy!

  3. Wonderful shots. You were able to keep an eye on the whole process , so sweet.

  4. Awesome series on the Osprey! Great shots! Have a happy weekend!

  5. I am so excited for you about the osprey! Such a thrilling encounter with nature, and I am going through that right now with my Cooper's Hawks. So wonderful! Glad you saw the babies fledge. I'm so happy you had your new camera by then. Wonderful pictures, Mom! Oh, and I meant to say how much I love your sunshiny new header!

  6. Wonderful set of birds images.

  7. how wonderful to have them so close and be able to follow what happens :)

  8. Wonderful shots and interesting story.
    Thanks for dropping by :)


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