Friday, July 10, 2015

End of the Week Thoughts

Let's start with the BIGGEST NEWS.  I closed on my house sale this week!! TA DA.  It's a great feeling that now I no longer have the responsibility of the physical and financial care of a house that is over 100 years old. A very nice younger couple with a teen-age son bought it and moved in this week. My old home now has new life pumped into it.

I am thinking that maybe some travel might be in order. A little extra money helps with that. I've traveled with Royal Tours out of Franklin, Va. several times before. It may be time to start thinking about another trip.

I recently ran across some old water colors that I did years ago. (one of them is below. Sorry about the discoloration here and there. It's led a pretty hectic life) 

It made me think about maybe getting back into art again. Perhaps pastels this time. But now I am thinking I need to RE-THINK that. I have a kazillion projects going already. Do I REALLY need to start another? 

But, on the other hand.... just maybe.

I plan a trip to Michael's Crafts today. Do you wanna make a bet... will I come home with pastels or not? I don't even know and won't until I get to the arts aisle. 

My life seems to be filled with exciting prospects and I stay very busy for an 81 year old, I think. But....

Sometimes, the quiet and solitude of sitting on my balcony is all that I need.


  1. Congrats on the sale and closing, that is good news! Traveling would be fun and your artwork looks lovely. Enjoy whatever you decide to do. I think staying busy keeps you young! Happy weekend!

  2. Good for you , we have to start getting ready to sell , it's getting late--life is moving to fast now.

  3. Looks like you have some talent with watercolors. Why give that up? I tried watercolor and have all the stuff. I got frustrated by the woman teaching the class - not following through with what she said she would cover. Also I have essential tremor in my hands and that was frustrating with watercolors. I have taken up Zentangle and even if I shake it doesn't matter so much.

  4. Congrats on the sale of your home! Sounds as if you are pondering the possibilities. Fun!

  5. Congratulations! I recognize your home....been by there many times....what a small world. Bet that's a weight off your shoulders. I remember selling ours just a few years ago. Its wasn't easy for me handing over the keys to my home, but I took great comfort knowing the new family's kids would make that home their own forever, just like my kiddos did....and that's such a wonderful thought.

    Also, I agree with Marcia. You have a gift for the watercolors...why give that up! Have a great weekend, Latane.

  6. Congratulations on selling your house! It sounds like you are living a full and interesting life with lots of possibilities. Good for you! I think your watercolor is very nice and I'd love to try my hand at oil painting some time. Have a nice weekend!

  7. That's a fine house Latane. The buying family must be over the moon in finding their dream home. Your watercolour is lovely. Wish I had some artistic ability just a fraction of that.

  8. congrats latane, it is a beautiful home and i hope the new owners take good care of it!!!!

  9. Old home has a new life.
    It must feel very happy

  10. Absolutely AWESOME pastel, Mom! I love has such depth and richness! Definitely keep it up! I know how happy you are about selling the house...that part is finally over. A lot of mixed feelings though, I know.

    Hey, I looked for you on Five on Friday and you didn't link in. This is a Friday post. Did you just forget? While Tanya is taking a break this month, Amy is still going....then in August Amy says she is taking off a month but by then Tanya will be back. And in Sept we'll have both of them again. I am just surprised you didn't link this in.

    1. I did this post for Willy Nilly Friday and Amy's Five on Friday, Marie but then discovered Tanya's on break and my link wasn't connecting to Amy's. So, I just took off the links and made it my own.

  11. I'm so very happy for you! This is a beautiful home but I think you are smart to get someone else enjoy it and take care of it. I hope you'll plan a trip and enjoy this coming year! Sweet hugs, Diane

  12. What a beautiful house you had! It is wonderful that a young family bought it and you can picture good memories continuing to be made there.

    You travel on, Latane! And share with us all the good pictures from it. And your own picture there is lovely, mysterious and beckoning!


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