Thursday, August 20, 2015

# 4 of My New York Trip

Back from another trip... this one overnight but I want to continue on with my recent New York trip. Will tell you about this latest one a bit later.

Daughter Shirley left and headed back to Virginia leaving me to finish out my visit with the New York kids. After lunch (and a big nap for me... I mean I have been one busy gal and need my beauty rest) it was time to pick up grandson T. at camp. The kids were putting on a play. He didn't want to be in it but we all enjoyed their production of "Pinnochio".  Just see how entranced T. is....

 The kids were cute, you gotta admit.

That night we drove over to the Bronx Zoo to attend a fundraiser put on by the Cardinal McCloskey Community Services group. It was "Let's Zumba At The Bronx Zoo". It was to benefit adults who have autism and other disabilities. The zoo was closed so we didn't see anything but the seals who were swimming in a pool near where the event was held. 
below is grandson T. He's gonna have a birthday in Oct. and will be 8. 

Here are my daughter, Susan and her handsome son, Griffin. 

We finished out the evening watching Susan and Owen "doing the zumba". 

Another wonderful day with family.



  1. We didn't really talk about your trip when we were on the phone, but I can see how wonderful it was from all the great photos you've been posting! Love these guys so much! So glad you got to see them!

  2. I enjoyed 'meeting' your family!!!

  3. Looks like you had a wonderful trip. Have a great weekend!


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