Monday, August 17, 2015

#3 of my New York Trip

On day three we girls headed into the quaint little village of Rye, New York. 

We are hungry and we know just the place we want to go!! Le Pain Quotidien, a little French pasterie that serves such healthy food. Everything on the menu was enticing. How could we ever choose? We haven't had breakfast yet so I got the California omelet with a side salad and a glass of refreshing mint lemonade. 

I love their pastries. Bought two lemon filled croissants to munch on later! Can't think about my weight right now!! Not with goodies like that around.

We had the most fun watching people oogling and eyeing this car while we ate. Oh, is oogle a word? Anyway, we were doing our fair share of looking, as well. I'd love to take just one ride in that car! Wouldn't you? 

After breakfast, on to Rye Country Store. Gotta love that place. It's jammed packed with all sorts of good things to eat and fun things to shop for. 
A look at the pizza in the cooler.....

Arriving back at the house we were greeted by a dove sitting atop the weeping cherry tree. You know me and birds... I couldn't pass this photo op up? 

I love her hydrangeas... Aren't they pretty?

If you missed any of my trip to date click on the links to read about day one and day two. 
day-one-of-my-new-york-trip and day-2-of-my-visit


  1. Rye looks like a lovely little town! And your breakfast plate makes me so hungry. I never think to have a green salad with an omelet but what could be better. How was the mint lemonade?

  2. Great pictures of the high-lights of your day! I like the picture of the Dove on that graceful branch! Beautiful flowers and yummy looking food! Yes indeed, it would be fun to take a spin in that sporty car!

  3. I have just got caught up on day 2 & 3 of your trip. It looks like a wonderful time and your photos are fantastic. The lunch looks so yummy. I'm especially intrigued by the mint lemonade.

  4. The food looks so wonderful and fresh. I am also intrigued by the mint lemonade.

  5. What a fabulous place! Your lunch looks delicious! xx

  6. Thanks, Latane, for taking us all along on your trip and that breakfast would be a choice for me as well, but never tried mint lemonade.

  7. Ooh, great post! What a fun outing! I love Rye! That looks like the perfect little French pastry shop with other FOOD! :-) I also adore the lavender hydrangeas. The white ones are gorgeous, but those purple ones are stunning too!

  8. What a wonderful way to spend the day! Years ago I lived in Plattsburgh N.Y. and just loved it.
    I hope you are enjoying every inch of summer.

  9. Looks like you had a lovely day with the "girls."

  10. Yes, I'd love to ride in that car (not to mention trying those croissants). Is that car an MG in British Racing Green? Looks like it.


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