Thursday, August 13, 2015

Day One of my New York Trip

I don't even know where to start this morning. I guess I could start at the beginning of my trip to New York. There's going to be several installments. After all, I was gone a week and a half. Lots going on. And, I want to share it all with you, my blogging buddies.

* Daughter Shirley drove me up and that was a very nice trip. I'd never seen the new additions that Daughter Susan and husband Kevin had made on their house. What a surprise!!
It is now two story with dormer windows, a sweeping southern colonial porch out front. And, a flower garden just getting started along the walk. I love it.

** The limelight hydrangeas on the front yard were stunning. 

Another view of the beautiful flowers.

*** Shortly after we arrived, Shirley yelled for me to grab my camera. This young buck had come to pay us a call. 

****Later we ate dinner at the Manursing Island Beach Club in Rye, New York (on the Long Island Sound). Beautiful view. Peaceful. 

***** Two of my daughters. Susan on the left lives in New York, Shirley on the right lives near me in Virginia.

And, so, that is the first day of my wonderful visit. There will be much more to come later. Right now, I think I will go take a nap. Still tired from all the activities of the past 10 days. 



  1. Welcome back. What lovely daughters you have.

  2. Looks like the beginning of a wonderful trip. I look forward to seeing all your adventures.

  3. Great first post! Can't wait to see more! Wow...the changes to Susan's house are dramatic! It looks great!!! Those hydrangeas are so beautiful! And I love that you saw the little buck on your first day.

  4. Latane, so happy you enjoyed your vacation trip and are now safely home again.
    Susan's house is beautiful - love the long porch.

    Your girls are really lovely - must have been great to get together in New York by the shore.

    Mary -

  5. What lovely daughters you have, and the house is just beautiful! I do love the dormers and roof line. I'm sure you are tired but know that you must have had a delightful time.

  6. A buck, how exciting and the house and flowers are gorgeous!!

  7. How nice that you are visiting with your daughters. They are both very pretty ladies.
    Love the pretty white house too. There is just something about dormers that looks so homey to me.
    I first learned about limelight hydrangeas through the blog world. I now have three of them and they are blooming beautifully right now.
    How neat for that buck to allow you a photo op.
    Have a wonderful time.

  8. I hope that you had a great time. Tom The Backroads Traveller

  9. She has a beautiful home. How wonderful it must have been for you to be able to visit with both of your lovely daughters.

  10. What fun you must have had Latane. Your daughter's house is lovely and your daughters are beautiful. Great series of photographs.

  11. Your girls are beautiful...and that house is just out of this pretty

  12. Just catching up, Latane....been in the hosp for awhile. Your Long Island Sound vacation pictures are just beautiful. I bet you had the time of your life. Such handsome grands and beautiful daughters. Have a great weekend.


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