Friday, September 4, 2015

It's Friday, Folks

I love the Friday memes like Willy Nilly FridayFive on Friday, and Anything Blue Friday,. There's just something about Friday that makes me want to visit friends, chat awhile, have some fun... how about you?

1. First of all I want to repeat a joke the preacher told on Sunday morning. It seems that a certain church (not ours although I think Pastor was trying to make a point) needed the roof repaired very badly but there just wasn't enough money set aside. So, for weeks they talked about it and prayed about  it.  One Sunday morning their pastor announced "I have good news and I have bad news. The good news is I have found the money to fix our roof...... The bad news is, it's in your pocket". 
I don't know... I found that funny. The whole congregation laughed so I wasn't the only one!.. 

2. At my Grandson's wedding some years ago, my son (the groom's uncle) and a boyfriend of my granddaughter decided they would attend the wedding as THE BLUES BROTHERS. We are in this small southern town at this outdoors wedding and two guys show up in black suits, black hats, dark sunglasses and with a brief case. There were a bunch of worried faces, some whispering going on. It was funny. I think one of the guests told someone else that they thought these guys were from the CIA.... we got a big chuckle out of it.
(that's my son in the middle, the boyfriend on the right and the groom's father on the left. He had to get into the act, as well)

3. I wonder if there is anything to the rumor that strange things happen during a full moon. We have a new moon now but recently during the full one, people were doing weird things around here. Just wondering? 

4. When you get change at a store, look and see if you can find my dollar bill, would you? It has my initials on it. 
(actually those were bills that were put into a pool on the bus trip. The one bill drawn out won the entire lot. Mine wasn't drawn so somebody won my dollar and I bet, has spent it.)

5. I saw this chart on facebook (I think it was) the other day and I love it. I am going to make me one so it will motivate me to do a little work around here. What you say, I put the money I pay myself into a jar for a trip, or a new dress or a pedicure.... 
I think it would work


  1. I love the job chart such a great idea to pay yourself and gets lovely treat at the end.

  2. #1 Reminds me of "The Sermon on the Amount."
    #2 The Blues Brothers rock.
    #3 Strange things just happen.
    #4 Defacing American currency.
    #5 hahaha.
    Tom The Backroads Traveller

    1. My hubby loved the "Sermon on the Amount" comment! :-)

  3. Hello, great post. I love the Blues Brothers photo. And the moon shot is lovely. Have a happy weekend!

  4. Well now, I enjoyed all of these and got a kick out of the church finances story and "The Blues Brothers" who showed up at your grandson's wedding. I especially like the new moon photo be ause of the lacy clouds below...looks like crocheted edging on a pillowcase. Have a lovely holiday weekend.

  5. Thank you for joining Five On Friday! Five really good things here to cheer us all up and make us smile! I don't suppose that I will find your dollar, but if I do, I will let you know! I like the idea of the job chart, I have been so busy around here this week I reckon that I owe myself a lot of money!!! I hope that you have a great weekend! xx

  6. I have started to look forward to Tom comments . . Isn't he cool??? Your number one reminds me of the saying "God is going to clean your house. he's going to use your hands to do it."

    and - since we get to clean - I really like your job chart.
    Happy Week to You!

  7. Loved the joke! And the Blues Brothers picture is too cute...I had never seen it! Love that chores chart too! That might work for the boys...hmmmm.... :-) Had to come by and see your post even though I am getting ready to head out the door. Going to the Children's Home this morning. Will tell you all about our day, later. Love you!

  8. I love that chart, I wonder if it would work here. I also love your Pastor, it made me laugh too xx

  9. Love the job chart a great idea. Have a lovely weekend:)

  10. The job chart looks a good idea, I think my kids would suddenly get more interested in helping out more! Happy weekend to you, Latane xx

  11. I like that chore list! What could entice adults to do chores we really find boring? just wondering....

  12. That is a great job chart, would be perfect for the grandkids to get them to help with chores. I'm visiting from Five on Friday.

  13. Hi Latane - I love the Pastor's joke and don't the men look so handsome in their Blues Brother's suits! I have seen dollar bills with initials on them and wondered what that was all about, now I will pay more attention! It would be a long way for a dollar to go to get here, though. Pretty good idea about the chore chart. That might be good for all those awful chores I hate, like cleaning out the kitty litter box. I might have to put a reward of $20 on that one! Hope your weekend is fun. xo Karen

  14. 1. Good way to get people's attention.
    2. I bet they got some "looks" but it is funny.
    3. They say it really isn't true but I've noticed on Full Moon nights our cats act up more.
    4. I'll keep a look out for it as I'm always finding money with something written on it.
    5. That's a great idea for kids...I think the amount would need to be larger to motivate me!

  15. I guess that's where the money for the church comes from! How funny those guys must have been at the wedding. I don't think people need a full moon to act weird. ;) It would take more than a dollar to get me to dust! LOL

  16. Such an inspiring and fun post with great photos!
    Thank you for sharing and have a lovely weekend!

  17. Love the chore chart idea. I would it for myself with things like -scrub the floor/45 minute walk through the wood -sweep back hallway -read on the beach for half hour......oh yeah...and ice cream. There would have to be ice cream.

  18. Oh my I certainly need a job chart! Love the pastors joke, we used to have a similar vicar xx

  19. You made me smile with all of these! I went back and looked at the moon photo a second time after reading a comment from Vee saying he clouds looked like a crochet edge--she is exactly right and how sweet is that!


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