Wednesday, September 2, 2015


Wit and Wisdom is a nice place where you choose a picture and then write a story to go with it.... or a poem.  It's a creative outlet for us frustrated writers. Do you have a story you'd love to tell... I bet Wit and Wisdom is the place for you. 

This is the story about a little girl whose father had died just before she was born.

She was a lonely lass, living in a big white house far down the country lane. Mama had to go to work each day. Her grandmother was busy with chores. There were no children living nearby to play with and so her grandpa was her only playmate. 

He was sick, too ill to farm and he often took to his bed. "Come", he'd say and so she'd gather up her paperdolls and line them up against his large frame now stretched out to rest. 
     "How many friends you got there?" he'd ask. 
She would name them all, picking each one up to show him who was who. 
"This one is Hedy Lamar. She's beautiful. And, this blonde is Lana Turner". 

He would smile and smooth her golden locks down, pat her cheek and then sigh. 

Knowing that his strength was spent, she put all the dolls back in a box and sprawled out on the floor on her tummy. Her favorite coloring book lay in front of her. She would spend hours coloring pictures of birds and cows and sometimes people. Mama said that it would not be long before she would start school in town. There would be lots of little girls and boys her age to play with then,  but for now she was content spending these precious moments with the tall, gentle man she called "Pa".


  1. It's wonderful!!!! For anyone who wants to know, this is a true story of my Mother (the writer) who lost her Dad before she was born and played at her Pa's bedside. I love the photo, too, Mom! Such a heart-warming story. LOVE IT!!!!!

  2. That was beautiful and I loved it!!

  3. I need to tell stories with pictures, words for me are hard to come by.

  4. Latane, somehow I missed your post and the link back to Wednesday Wit and Wisdom. Thanks so much for joining in with your delightful story.


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