Friday, October 30, 2015

Halloween Fun

Since it's so close to Halloween (yep, it's tomorrow) I am going to be linking to a new meme as well as Willy Nilly Friday and Five on Friday. The new one is My Town Shoot Out. Every week she has a new theme from around your town. So, let's all join in these three wonderful memes and have some Halloween fun.

1. What do you think I should do? Use the witch by itself  or with all the added paraphernelia?
                                             I sort of like it by itself but value your opinion.

2. I like this fuzzy jack-lantern on the fireplace hearth sitting on the top of a large shell. I mean we are near the beach. I could so get away with this!!

3. And, this has to go on the wall! They are such happy Jack-O-lanterns. 

4. How about this wicked looking cat silhouette? She is found just out of town where they sell pumpkins by the side of the road. Fun, fun, fun. 

5. It would not be Halloween without remembering my children going trick or treating. This picture was taken YEARS ago. Shirley on the left, Marie on the right with Michael just about hidden behind his mask and treat bag. 

Trick or Treat!!!


  1. Man you sure like to decorate!

  2. Oh I love it all! You are so right...remembering our children when they were young and Trick or the photo! Just love it! Happy Halloween Latane!

  3. I love that photo, and definitely go with witch all by herself!

  4. The witch by herself but you have to have all the other pictures too!
    And definitely the two little munchkins and their pretty sister Marie!

    Happy Halloween!


  5. I would use the witch by itself and the quilt is wonderful.
    The pumpkin in photo #2 looks so cozy, I want to hug him...
    Happy Halloween :-)

  6. PS: only now I see under your blog a pic "Support autism awareness" - by the way: I'm an autistic woman -

    1. Mascha, my grandson has autism and he is 22 years old. How are you doing? I wish you the best always for it's not an easy thing to have. Thanks for telling me.

  7. Michael really is hidden! Very festive pictures.

  8. Yep, the witch by herself! Love the cat and the jack-o-lantern wall-hanging. That's one of yours, isn't it? Oh my, that trick or treat photo! :-) I noticed Madcha's comment. I think I had mentioned to you once that she's autistic. She's such a fascinating, talented person...I've always enjoyed her blog!

  9. Lovely moments and memories. I really like your wall hanging quilt with the pumpkins, very cute indeed! xx

  10. Fun Halloween memories and photos! Thanks for sharing.

  11. The witch looks great by herself! And I love the fuzzy pumpkin too.

  12. i love to decorate for the holidays!! i have the ty beanie pictured in picture number 2!!!! the big one and the little one!!


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