Saturday, October 3, 2015

Handwritten Letters

I miss going to the mailbox and getting a handwritten letter from someone I care about. All I get in my mailbox now is junk mail, tons of ads and bills. It's depressing!!

I hear that schools won't even let students write cursive anymore. What the heck? How are they going to put their signature on anything? What is this world coming to?

People tell me that I have  wonderful handwriting skills. It all goes back to my school days when I sat during writing class and did exercises like this.

(sorry that is blurry)

Did you ever do that?

Now, it's all about TEXTING where you spell out words by tapping a screen with a stylus or your finger. And, it's all.... oh darn, what is that word I am looking for? You know, when they use BFF and BTW and a bunch more and I don't know what the heck any of it means. Well, I have progressed enough to know BFF is 'best friend forever'. BTW is 'by the way'. My gosh, we have become so lazy we can't even spell out words! 

You can imagine how surprised I was to discover that I could tap on that little microphone icon on my SMART PHONE and the darn thing would type out whatever I spoke into it and send it to whomever I wanted to send it to. Lazy, lazy but to tell you the truth that little feature surely does help with my arthritic fingers. 

Just imagine a child growing up, never having held a good ole yellow #2 pencil and using it to write on a lined tablet and raising their hand so they could get up and go to the pencil sharpener that hung on the wall to sharpen their pencil. Sometimes we did it just to get out of our desks. Sometimes we really did have a dull pencil. 

 I just can't keep up with all this new-fangled stuff these kids use by the time they are out of diapers. I mean my great-grandson posted a picture of himself on facebook and he wasn't even two yet. He did it by accident but come on... In another few months he had it all figured out. TWO.

I sat down and wrote some hand-written letters recently. Mailed them to some friends I hadn't had contact with in a long time. Thought it was time to get back to the old way of doing things. You know what... I never had a reply for my efforts. One even was returned to me. Gee, I wonder if they've passed on and I didn't even know. 

I just wish I could get a hand-written letter ever once in awhile. 


  1. I remember the excitement of having pen pals!! But I do embrace technology and my blogger friends are my new pen pals.

  2. I totally agree with you Latane! I love getting little surprises through the post without the usual marking of spam or automated mail. With hand written envelopes containing lovely words inside, it's a real treat to receive. As with Jackie in the comment above, I also tend to think of blogger friends as pen pals with the added bonus of photos to share and comments to read. Have a lovely weekend... TTFN (ta ta for now!). Chel x

  3. email me your address and i will send you a letter. i am!!

    i must admit that i adore talking into my phone, and having it type for me. it even works for leaving comments on blogs!!!! i don't use it though. i need to practice!!!!!

    1. no way, Debbie... comments on blogs done by phone. What else is new that I have missed? my email address is You're a sweetie.

  4. I was going to say the same thing as Debbie. I like writing and receiving letters as well...though I can't say my handwriting will be as neat as yours. I will mail you a letter as well if you email me your address. Mine is

  5. I usually stick a note in with my check but now I've emailed you and heck, I don't have any news! :-) I too love hand-written mail. I owe a few people letters that I still correspond with this way, but it's usually about once or twice a year, and the letters are never terribly long. I always enjoyed mail. Now computers have taken over our world!

  6. Hand written letters are lovely to receive aren't they, but e-mail is a lot faster and we wouldn't be able to blog without computers! There is good and bad to everything isn't there. xx

  7. I miss letters too. I saved all of my mother's and she gave me a box of letters to her from her mother, my grandmother. I rarely even have personal phone calls anymore. But then again, blogging has given me so many conversations with people I never would have known.

    What will they think of next?

  8. My mom used to practice her "writing moves," similar to your example. Thanks for the sweet reminder. I sent you an email.

  9. I am really grieving over not getting hand written letters these days! My Aunt Bette and I wrote to each other for years, and she recently died. I saved all her letters and when her daughter called me to tell me the sad news she told me how very much my letters meant to her Mom! It made me feel so glad that I took the time. I'm sorry you haven't received a is so busy these days. Everything is instant gratification. I think it is a mistake to stop teaching cursive. How will the new generations even read a hand written document? Letter writing is a lost art that should not be forgotten. There is nothing sweeter than having something hand-written by a loved one. xo Karen

  10. I tried that app on my phone but I guess my accent must be bad because it wrote the craziest things!!!! Send me your address and I will send you a letter AND some bookmarkers made by my grandquads! IF you even USE bookmarks. Some people don't as they do all their reading on Kindles and such!!!

  11. I just noticed the prayer on your side bar! Beauttiful......


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