Tuesday, October 6, 2015

I Take Naps - Growing Old Gracefully

                            Now, I've been known to take an afternoon nap or two.

The older I get the more important that little break becomes. It sort of makes me mad, though, that my eyes start drooping around 3 o'clock. I have things to do, for Pete's sake!! But, you can't accomplish anything if you can't see, 'cause your eyelids keep closing. With a bit of rest, you are more calm and peaceful the remainder of the day.

So, I am guilty of crawling in between the sheets on many afternoons. I think I remember hearing that President Reagan would always take little 'power' naps. Back then I wondered how in the world you could get rejuvenated in such a short time. But, guess what... it works. For me, always.

Taking naps makes me have more energy to finish out my day so it's a good thing.

Did you know that taking naps

1. restores alertness

                   2. Prevents burnout

                                  3. Heightens sensory perception

                                                       4. Reduces risk of heart disease

                                                                                       5. Makes you more productive

There were a lot of famous and very smart people who religiously took naps. Some of them were Winston Churchill, John F. Kennedy, Thomas Edison and of course, Ronald Reagan.

Thomas Edison taking a nap. Boy, that looks like a hard surface to sleep on!

I'm linking with Kara's Tuesday Afternoon. Hope you will check it out. 
What you say... let's all go take a nap now.



  1. I am a lover of a short afternoon cat nap myself. I love that you nap with a friend and have a guitar nearby in case you wake up feeling musical.

  2. Naps are good, I took an hour long one today...too long I think. Edison's "bed" looks most uncomfortable!

  3. I love a good nap! Haven't had a chance lately. I need to remedy that!

  4. You are obviously in very good napping company! xx

  5. You have me wanting to nap now, and it's time to get dinner on!

  6. It's better not to fight it because you can enjoy the evening so much better. I even have less insomnia on days that I take a short nap.


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