Friday, October 9, 2015

Favorite Five

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1. First I was counting months, then weeks, then days and now I can say that I am counting HOURS until our scrapbooking trip to the beach. I absolutely would leave right now!! But, guess I will have to wait on the others.

2. There's beautiful sunshine here in Virginia but South Carolina is still under such danger. Dams breaking, homes flooded, lives lost. So sad. Prayers please for those poor people.

3. My hairdresser moved away. So, before the vacation to the beach I needed to get my hair cut. I went back to a shop I'd used several years ago. Here's what my hair looked like after my last hairdresser fixed it

and what it looks like now. WOW... I am just sick.
I have naturally curly hair.. Where did the curls go?

4. I ran across a journal I wrote on a trip to Paris in 1991. I loved reading it. Oh what memories it brought back. Oh, how I wish I could go again.

5. I'll be gone one week so since I have a PC and not a laptop, there won't be any posting done by me while I am away. Just carry on, I will be back.... and guess what, I will have tons of pictures to share. I haven't had my new camera to the beach yet. Watch Out.


  1. I happened upon your blog this morning while searching for a hatch cover pattern. What a find, your blog is so much better than a pattern! I love your style and your go-get-em (yes I make up words.) I am excited to follow you. Enjoy your week at the beach.

  2. So nice to get away to the beach, Latane! I hope you have lots of fun and great weather! I lost my favorite hairdresser when she closed her shop and had so many bad haircuts after that I started cutting my own. I have gotten pretty good! Curly hair is so forgiving :) Can't wait to see your pics! x Karen

  3. I hope that you have a great time away and get lots of fun scrapbooking done as well as lots of other fun things too! I hope that you can find a hairdresser you are happy with, it is such a personal thing isn't it. Thank you for joining Five On Friday. I hope that you have a great weekend - and week! xx

  4. Hope you have a wonderful week away at the beach. Good luck with finding a new hairdresser.

  5. Oh have a wonderful time at the beach. I have hairdresser issues too, mine is about to go on maternity leave but I have curly hair too and so, can't go to just anyone either xx

  6. #1 Life's a beach!
    #2 Amen!
    #3 Where has my hair gone?
    #4 My wife is the journal gal.
    #5 Only a ton?

  7. Oh I am so sorry about your haircut! Can't wait to see the photos rom your upcoming beach stay! You've posted some great ones in the past with the old camera, too! I know how much you'd love to go back to Paris...I'd adore going! What an amazing trip that had to be! Love you... have fun!

  8. I hope you have a great time while you are away. So sad about your hairdresser. Hopefully you will find another one who will do a good job. I look forward to reading your blog when you return. My best wishes to you :)

  9. Changing hairdressers is traumatic for me. I'm sure your curls are still there, she may have used a styling product to smooth your hair out temporarily. Enjoy your beach trip and put that camera through its paces!

  10. Hope you've had a wonderful trip!

  11. Hope you have been having a fun beach time, Latane. And, yes I know what it's like to have to locate a new hairdresser and luckily I recently found one in our new location...yeah.

  12. You have to keep searching for a hairdresser that suits you because a good haircut does so much for the spirits. It took me 2 years to find someone where I didn't leave the shop fighting back tears. Latane, I am 72 and I think we need a pleasant trip to the hairdresser as much as any 20 year old, probably more!


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