Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Pumpkins Everywhere

                                               It's the beginning of a new week...

and I am back home after a delightful week at the beach. Perfect weather, great friends, yummy food, fun, fun, fun. 

Now, it's time to catch up with all my blogging buddies. Hope you had a wonderful time last week and hope that maybe you missed me just a tad....

Of course, I have a bunch of pictures to share with you. And some tall tales, too. 

My daughter, Shirley, picked me up on Sat. the 10th. As we always do when heading to the beach, we stopped in Grandy at the farmer's market. It proved a great photo op.

It's the simple little things in life that bring us joy. I am linking with Kara's A Spirit of Simplicity today. Come over and join us.

I love their display of pumpkins. In fact, there were pumpkins EVERYWHERE!

Rows and rows on bales on hay.....

colorful ears of corn tied together for decoration,

Baskets of peaches. Those are a bit late ripening, aren't they?

More pumpkins and gourds, orange, yellow, gold, green, 

More pumpkins at the entrance to the market. So enticing to passersby.

I just had to add this TALL windmill that sat nearby. Don't know if it is used or just looking pretty.

Now, isn't this a grand beginning to a fun week with the girls? 


  1. Wow! The Grandy Market pumpkins and decorations put me in the mood for a fall celebration!

  2. Gorgeous...just gorgeous...don't you just adore farm stands in fall? Thank you so much for sharing your visit!!!

  3. Love this place! Always so much fun, and you got some great photos! Great way to start the week, for sure! Glad you are back. Scroll back and see what all I posted this past week when you get a chance. Love you!

  4. these garden centers really do a spectacular job for fall and all things pumpkin!! i have been to so many and i am always in awe!!! the fence with the pumpkins is something i have never seen before, it's lovely!!!!

  5. What a wonderful farmer's market. I love all the pumpkins!!

  6. what a fun trip! i love all the sights of fall!

  7. I don't know for sure, Latane, but I think you are having way too much fun!!! Love all the pumpkin pictures!

  8. Falling into a lovely autumn time there!

  9. What a great way to start a holiday! Love seeing all the autumn goodies! xo

  10. I read that pumpkins are in short supply this year but they seem to be everywhere I look! What a fun beginning to your vacation.

  11. That appears to be a well-stocked market.

  12. I truly would rather shop at a Farmers Market than anywhere. It's like eye candy everywhere. Maybe because I was raised going to it as my father was produce buyer for Kroger's. He knew all the farmers there and spoke their language. They're good people and I love to support them.


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