Tuesday, December 29, 2015

A dog named Sadie

I have never written a limerick in my life but these words came to mind and so I wrote them down.


                                                Once there was a little dog, Sadie.
                                                 Whose past life was a bit shady.
                                                    She stole my son's heart
                                                       They never will part
                                                    So, now he is the owner
                                                      of a dog named Sadie.


My son headed back to Alabama this morning after spending a week here with me for Christmas. I so enjoyed his (and Sadie's) visit. 


  1. Sweet picture and limerick... Happy New Year my dear sweet friend!!!

  2. Good to see Michael! Cute pup! I bet he really is enjoying her. I'd like or us to get a medium-sized dog after we move into another house. I am so happy you guys had a great visit! Fun rhyme! I was under the impression she wasn't continuing with Wit & Wisdom into the New Year....is that was you found?

  3. Very cute little dog and love the limerick! Happy New Year! x Karen

  4. Oh a whole week! How wonderful! Sadie is a cute little girl.

  5. So glad he got to come see you and sadie sure is cute!!

  6. She's a pretty girl! Dogs have a way of stealing one's heart. So glad they got to spend Christmas with you.


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