Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Growing Old Gracefully

                                                 I ran across this poem and liked it a lot. 
                               It sums up how I feel about what is important in my life at this age. 

I think I am doing very well at achieving the things that make me happy. A space of my own
pictures, soft pillows and scented candles just out of camera view.
My books are on my Kindle which makes storing them so much easier.

I usually do wake up every morning and say 'Good Morning, world' and go onto my balcony to see that world. 

I feel healthy but not as strong as I'd like. 

I take tons of pictures as you all can tell by what I post on my blog (and that's just the tip of the iceberg, believe me)

I have no new hobbies but am spending a lot of time with new friends and interesting people and I am going places I've never been.  

I'm happy with what I am doing, I am happy with my life. 

It's all a matter of embracing this 'older' age, doing what you are able to do and not worrying about the rest. 

I love Kara's Tuesday Afternoon and am linking with that meme today. It's all about A Spirit of Simplicity.


  1. Hello Latane, lovely post and words. You are blessed with a happy life. Happy Tuesday, enjoy your day!

  2. Oh that is a wonderful goal and you have achieved it. Very inspirational!

  3. Good Morning Latane,
    What a beautiful life you have created, filled with meaning and embraced with a full heart.

  4. Good Morning Latane..you are such inspiration to many....I love visiting! You probably have no idea how much you mean to your readers...hugs and blessings!

  5. Good Morning Latane, your posts are always so positive. Enjoy your day.

  6. I'm copying the poem and I love the pure contentment which shines off the page of your blog. It's lovely to see someone with such a wonderful outlook on what is, what has been, and such a sense of wonder and enthusiasm for each day to come.

    You're a SHINE in the days, sweet friend, and it's lovely to know you.


  7. I always think of words in Jude when I think about growing old, and since I have to grow old anyway, I want to do it without becoming like "clouds without water, late autumn trees without fruit, twice dead." God, give us grace to grow old with joy!

  8. What a beautiful view you have!! Good for you for embracing a new part of your life.

  9. You have a great attitude and look for new challenges. Keep at it. It's great.

  10. Thanks for such good thoughts....adjustments are ongoing here with health. Day by day....and with each passing moment. Strenth I find....in the Lord. Can't remember the title of that much beloved hymn. Fits each day though...Hope you have a wonderful month....Merry Christmas!

  11. I am glad that you are happy and enjoying life! xx

  12. I think you are doing a good job of growing old gracefully! Enjoy each day!

  13. This is a great poem, I can identify with it. Your home looks so warm and inviting, and the view is spectacular.

  14. Wonderful post, Mom! I loved the poem...it's how I am feeling right now too. I hope I can continue to live up to it's views. You are doing wonderfully well!

    Sent the two wall hangings on to Oregon this morning, and your Christmas present off to you. Have all the Christmas shopping done except for a few little things. Now I can concentrate on the cards and cleaning/decorating. Know today is a rough one...know I am thinking of you!

  15. This poem suits you, Latane. What a nice view you have looking out from your balcony. Just catching up on your posts. I keep telling myself, ok, this is the last one....but you keep showing delightful interesting posts hehehehe.



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