Monday, January 25, 2016

Changes Being Made

You know how you are sometimes, just got to rearrange the furniture in every room of the house?

Well, that's me right now. My apartment is small and I can't move furniture so what am I doing to satisfy this URGE ?...

I am cleaning up and reorganizing my blog page. Just wanted you to know there are changes being made. Right now I am eliminating most of my blog list on my sidebar. 

                           NO, I am not getting rid of you. 
                     NO, I will not neglect visiting your blog. 

But, instead of having all the people I follow put on my blog list I will be going into my Design page and using the blog list there to visit each and everyone (at one time or another). I would not lose you for anything. That's why I followed you... 'cause I love your blog and want to keep it current. Dang, that was a long explanation! Sorry about that. 

And, there will be other changes. I already change my header A LOT. I love making headers and I love changing them so indulge me, please. 

I want to utilize the sidebar more effectively. So, there will be changes there. And, I will probably change things up from time to time. Gotta rearrange that 'furniture'. 

Just wanted to give you a heads up. If you haven't followed me... I hope you will. I try to comment as often as I can on other's blogs. And, I hope you will comment on mine. I do love to read them. 

                                              You'll take care and keeping blogging.


  1. I wish I was more computer literate re my blog Latane. I have thought of going to a .com and having a web designer help me out but I cannot really justify that expense. I am always afraid if I start fooling with things on Blogspot, I will mess something up!!

    1. Arlene, what you need to know sweetie. I know what I know... and there's a lot I don't know but we gals will help you out a bunch. Just ask.

  2. As always looking very nice, Latane.

  3. Love it Latane! The color you are currently using is so soft and calming! Change is good just to keep the inspiration alive! Good for you!!!

  4. Hi! I follow you through my Bloflovin'.

  5. i don't know if you noticed but i recently changed mine, quite a bit. not my header, that will never change but i did change just about everything else. cleaned it up, streamlined it...moved all the gadgets to the bottom giving it a cleaner look. i am done for now, it was a little intimating and i did have some scary moments. but all in all, i achieved my goal!!!! i think our colors are similar, i wanted all white but could not adjust to that!!!!

  6. I usually clean-up my blog every January. I made only a few minor changes this year, however. Happy changes to you!

  7. its always fun to change your blog around. I should work on mine again too.

  8. I admire your abilities to do these changes!! I am not very good with techie things. I use my own art for my headers and I use free blog backgrounds.....other than that - I don't know how to do anything else! You are way ahead of the game in my eyes!!!

  9. I rearranged the top of two book cases in the livingroom yesterday. Because the one had been cleared off completely to allow me to display the nativity scene when I went o put things back, I decided to go for a less cluttered look. Then did the top of the other book case for good measure. They both look a lot better. Sometimes you just have to make things work for you better and easier to use!

    By the way, just saw your comment on piece-fullness. Thanks Mom....I appreciate what you had to say.


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