Sunday, January 24, 2016


Snow, snow and more snow. Luckily we aren't in the path of the VERY DEEP snow but nevertheless we have enough to keep us indoors.

this was taken when about half the snow had fallen.

I was complaining on Facebook that I was stir-crazy. Haven't been out the door in days! One blogging friend replied that I should do a blog on 'STIR-CRAZY'. Guess what.... here it is.

I googled the term 'stir-crazy' and this is what I found.

The Cambridge Dictionary definition was :
Upset or angry because you have been prevented from going somewhere or doing something for a long time.

hmmm. Could be what's annoying me.. I'd like to go somewhere if it is only a block away to eat out.

Merriam-Webster had this to say:
Unhappy and upset because you have been in a place for a long time and want to get out.

Well, that's pretty much what Cambridge said, only in different words.

But, Wikipedia was wordy about the subject. Here is just a brief excerpt.
Used among inmates in prison who became mentally unbalanced because of prolonged incarceration.

Now, we are getting somewhere!!! I am mentally unbalanced!! I have been "incarcerated" in this apartment too long.

To get back to being real about the thing. I love being in my apartment. I don't like feeling yucky with sinus problems while I am stuck in here. So, I've not done much. Therefore I am unhappy that I can't get out, maybe get a different kind of meds to relieve the sinus pressure. Maybe grab a bite to eat while I am out.

But, I love looking at all this snow, all 3-4 inches of it. Oh my, I can't imagine the problems the Northeast is having. My heart is filled with ache and I sent up many, many prayers in their behalf.

                                                                                                    Love you all.



  1. Poor stir-crazy Mom! :-) Your "incarceration" shouldn't last too long, thankfully. But, I hate about the your sinus problems! Got your so tempted to answer it now, or call you, but I have to get ready for church. I will call you a bit's that? Love you!

  2. We had more than 2 feet. Working on getting the driveway cleared. Don't know what the main roads look like.

  3. Surely it will melt soon and you can get out!

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  5. Sorry about that: I do hope you feel much better soon.

  6. I hope that you can soon get out again! xx

  7. Well, I'm surprised that stir crazy is in the dictionary. I'd have never looked for it. 3-4 in of snow is just right. We just had 6 in overnight.

  8. Hope you are feeling better soon, Latane. We get out a bit every day so I can understand how you feel.

  9. Hope that you get out to enjoy the fresh air. Snow is very cleansing. I'm up here beyond the snowstorm. It was pretty strange to know that so many points south were getting that much snow. My brother-in-law was stuck in West Virginia. Hasn't got home yet. Don't stay stir crazy now.

  10. Sinus problems are no fun at all - so wonder that you're stir-crazy. I would be, too. But the snow and the trees look lovely from your apartment. Enjoy the view and I hope you'll feel better soon.

  11. ha, you sound like my husband! he stayed home from work friday and by sunday he couldn't wait to get out of the house!


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