Friday, January 22, 2016

Five on A Stormy Friday

Good Morning,

I am waiting on the snowfall. Are you? The whole East coast is supposed to get hit hard but as close to the coast as I am, it won't be so bad. 

It's Friday. Yep, it's Willy Nilly FridayFive On Friday and Fun Friday Favorites. So, let's get on with it. What's your entry for Fives? Here's mine.

1. I love Downton Abbey. It's done with extreme grace and gentility, something this world seems to have lost. D. A. is in it's last season and I makes me sad. Then PBS is starting Mercy Street as a sort of American effort to do something in the same tone (if not the same time frame) as Downton. I give Mercy Street a big thumbs down. There is blood everywhere, body parts being toss around, the scenes are so poorly lighted you can't see the people's faces. It stinks!! So, once again the U. S. film makers have failed to give us something of high quality. 

2. The other day, while wandering about in the grocery store I decided on treating myself. No, it wasn't my favorite candy bar (which is Snickers, by the way). I bought me a bouquet of flowers, Spring flowers, at that, to brighten the otherwise dreary winter I see out my window.

3. I just ordered a small book from Amazon. I have kept a journal most of my life. This little book is a sort of journal but each page gives you a writing challenge and you write your answer to the challenge. Today's challenge was "Where would you choose to be exiled"?  and I answered 'Paris!!!!'   and "What three essential items would you take with you?"   'Great walking shoes, my camera and a book'. 

Where would you go if you were exiled? and what would you take with you?

4. I baked a very yummy meatloaf last night. I think the reason I love meatloaf is the memory I have of it from when I was a child. They had the best meatloaf in the school cafeteria!

5. With the snow coming I need to make sure I am prepared. Let's see.... 

flashlight. CHECK
charged batteries  CHECK
non-perishable food to eat  CHECK
extra water  CHECK
Plenty of quilts  CHECK
candles  CHECK

I think I am all set. If you are in the path of this storm, please stay warm and safe.

                                                                                                            Hugs to Everyone


  1. Beautiful flowers, as you say always a nice treat this time of year. Still no snow here on the East Coast of England, the temperatures did drop and we did get a couple of frosts but we are now back to rain. Hope the snow isn't too bad and you do not need your emergency supplies. Take care.

  2. We are waiting for the snow to start here too, north of you. We have a generator and I had Dan check that it was working because I usually hear it do a test once a week and hadn't heard it. Yep, it's okay. If electric goes down we have that to fall back to but as with other storms internet and phone service go out too. Got books from the library, have puzzles to do and the larder is stocked. Stay safe there in VA.

  3. Hope the snow is not as bad as expected, but it sounds as if you are ready!

  4. I'm glad you're all prepared for whatever the weather has in store. Looking forward to the interesting journal entries you're going to share this year!

    Stay well and warm.


  5. Hello Latane, it sounds you are well prepared but let's hope the snowfall will not be as heavy as expected!
    I googled Mercy Street, no, I don't think I would like it very much either. Your flowers are really pretty and your journal book sounds lovely. Hmm, exiled, I could live in the Amalfi Coast and I would take with me high heels, a credit card and my camera. :-)
    Thank you for the interesting post and take care!

  6. yes, please stay warm.
    I agree, our entertainment industry . . a bit bonkers . . thank goodness we have choices . .
    meatloaf??? our family had some fun meatloaf stories . . . your photo reminds me . . .

  7. #1 Downton Abbey, what?
    #2 I love Snickers, but they don't like me.
    #3 My wife journal every day, I just blog.
    #4 I love meatloaf and if there is any left over they make great sandwiches.
    #5 "Be Prepared" where you every a scout?

  8. Great Five! First of all, that storm is going to be very formidable for many's so good you won't get the brunt of it. Glad you are prepared for a loss of electricity, etc (could last 3 enough?)Stay inside and stay warm! Love your beautiful spring flowers...what a pick-me-up! I always make the meatloaf you made when we were kids and I love it! Your picture of that delicious-looking loaf made my mouth water! :-)

    Hmmm...where would I be exiled, and what would I take with me???? Well, it doesn't say you HAVE to leave the US but I am assuming that would the case (after all, that's what exiled means :-) ) so it's hard. It wouldn't be an island or on the coast of anywhere (I hate hurricanes and not fond of sand) I don't like extreme heat or cold. Honestly, I can't leave!!!! Don't exile me....I have no place to go! :-)

  9. Will be thinking if you this weekend with the storm. My sister lives in DC and is supposed to be visiting us tomorrow. Hoping she gets one of the last flights out tonight before the airport is shut. Stay safe and warm

  10. Fun post! The snow arrived in Kentucky in the wee hours this morning.

  11. I saw the weather warning on the news and am thinking of all my blog buddies in that area. You take care and make sure you are fully prepared to keep cozy and warm! Let's hope it's not as bad as they are predicting xx

  12. I will so miss Downton Abbey!!! We have been watching Alaskan Bush People and programs like that lately so we have somewhere to 'go' after Downton Abbey each week!
    There's enough blood and gore in the NEWS, for heaven's sake, without watching even more of it under the heading of 'entertainment!' I think NOT!!

  13. I hope that you stay safe and warm in the weather, inside sounds like best. I will miss Downton too, I have heard several reports on blogs of the other show you mentioned, and I don't like the sound of it at all, if it comes here I think I will give it a miss! Thank you for joining Five On Friday, happy weekend! xx

  14. I love Downton Abbey too, I'm going to really miss it, especially the Dowager. Your flowers are very pretty. We are off to Paris in February, it was the youngest's Christmas present, you have made me excited for the trip now. We do not have snow but I don't think it is forecast here to the same degree as you are expecting, stay safe and have a cosy weekend xxx

  15. We are north of the storm. I hope that all you folks going through it stay home cozy and happily enjoying your comfort foods and good movies. (Yes, Mercy Street was a disappointment to say the least.)

  16. Hope you are safe int he storm, here in Florida we just have some rain and wind. Stay warm,

  17. your flowers are so pretty...i may have to do the same when we get tired of all this snow! hoping none of us lose power! mmm, your meatloaf looks yummy! i wish they'd put downtown abby on netflix, i've never seen it before but i have heard such great things about it...sorry about the new show being disappointing...thank you for linking and stay warm and safe!

  18. Wow! Saw all the snow on the news!! Is. It to you yet? Stay warm and safe

  19. Lovely flowers Latane...very cheery. I like to blog because it is my way of journaling and I hope it will help my future family discover who I was...I like the sound of your new answer to the first question would be: Yorkshire (my birth place) and I would take my camera, my iPad to keep in touch with those I miss and my hand embroidery project. Thanks for linking up with Fun Friday Favourites and for the link back in your post. Godspeed for the snow storm!

  20. I wish you stay safe there with a half meter's snow fall forecasted!

  21. I hope you are safe and sound as the storm rages.
    In answer to your question - I think I'd like to be marooned in Brussels with lots of Euros, an umbrella and a handsome Belgian guide!

  22. Oh, I am going to miss Downton, too, and I had the same thoughts on Mercy Street. I will give it one more chance to see if it gets better, but the blood and gore really turned me off. Your journal sounds like fun. I think I would love to be exiled in Ireland on a sheep ranch - far from the madding crowd :) I hope you are safe and warm - the flowers are lovely. x Karen


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