Sunday, January 17, 2016


As I have said before and will probably say a zillion times more..... I love an adventure.

Now, some folks may not think that having a light snow is an adventure. Some may not think snow of any size is anything but a nuisance. But, me... I think snow in any amount is an adventure, especially if I am out in it.

Yes, I know... old folks, like me, should stay safe. They fall enough without slipping on ice or snow. But, it was raining this morning, some snowflakes falling, nothing sticking. So, me and my fellow head to church. 

This is a shot I took out the car window as we left church and lunch afterward. It's beginning to look a bit threatening. snow piled up on the windshield, the road and the sidewalk slushy. So, we crept home, VERY CAREFULLY and we made it.

I loved riding along with huge, sloppy wet flakes hitting the windshield and things beginning to turn white. But, when I got out of the car at the apartment building I was nervous walking to the entrance. It was a bit slippery but here I am. I did not fall.

Of course, once inside I grabbed the camera and ran out the door to the passageway to grab these pictures of the parking lot I use. 

(This is my car)

and then out onto my balcony... to get these.....

Wow, our first snow. I am so excited.



  1. It is pretty, we had a first snow today too. I like the tall tree and the lake images. Enjoy your new week ahead!

  2. How lovely!! We just had a surprise snowfall yesterday morning as well, which I posted about on my blog. Your photos are lovely!!

  3. Isn't that just gorgeous! Quite a snow flurrie! It is so magical when it's the first snow for the season. It is indeed Winter up there!

  4. Glad that you didn't fall and that you enjoyed the snow so much! We had some today, but a little less than you. xx

  5. Oh its so very pretty! big beautiful flakes!! Any more accumulation?

  6. I love a good snow! You captured some pretty scenes!

  7. So pretty, we had snow here in the UK too, so excitedx

  8. You got some really nice shots. Snow has a quieting effect on me. It is special especially while living in the South.

  9. I enjoy the first snow too so I know the excitement you felt.

    love your pics.

  10. We got falling flakes but nothing stuck! Guess there's still time though - Feb, and March can be brutal in the south - last year for instance!
    Take care - don't want to hear about any slip ups on icy parking lots etc. dear!
    Hugs - Mary

  11. Enjoyed your snowy adventure very much! Great photos, Mom! So glad you got back from church safe and sound and can enjoy the snow from your apartment!

  12. Nice photos! We are "waiting" for the snow to come to southern KY, probably on Wednesday.


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