Monday, February 22, 2016

A Little Fishy

Do you like fish?

I don't mean the food you eat but rather the fish you see and enjoy swimming about in the water and sometimes out of it. It's Monday... a slow day you might say.... Nothing much going on so I am going to share with you some fish. Hope you like them.

Wow, that's all, Folks.



  1. Nice photos. Interesting how we can sit and watch fish in a tank and forget about the woes of the world.

  2. Now, THAT'S how I like fish---swimming and enjoying life, and not in my kitchen or on my plate. The whole downstairs was still scented this morning with the fish planks (Gorton's, in the oven), and the very fancy crab cakes I made for our group last night---I don't eat 'em. Glad to cook them for Chris, but I just like them live and pretty to look at.

    When we got our first computer, there was a screen-saver of pretty fish, and one was that stripey beauty---I named her FRILLA, and would just sit in the dark for a few minutes before I turned off to go to bed, watching her glorious ribbony fins ripple across the bright screen. So soothing and peaceful.

    Stay well and warm!!


  3. Very nice! Stewart shared some fish on a Friday and made the clever joke about having fish on Friday. :-) Wouldn't that be a cute meme! BTW I'm going to start posting again with the Friday memes. I'm better but now Russell is sick. We do have a few Dr. appts later this week, but I also have a lot to do. Yes, we had a great visit with Carlton & Annette, too!

  4. i find looking at fish tanks like these to be very soothing!!!!

  5. They're so colorful!


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