Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Going UP, or Going DOWN?

                      It's about time for a 'Growing Old Gracefully' post, don't you think? 

As we grow older we must make many changes in our lives. Some of necessity, some to make our lives more enriched. We become more 'picky' about where we put our energies, our time, our devotion. 

So, this graphic caught my eye....

I have enjoyed my life on the computer... I make friends, go places, learn new things. However, the computer can become a 'bad' influence on your life, as well. 

Take Facebook. I have been a little free with the 'let's be friends' button on that social media. I sort of liked seeing that number that said 'these are my friends'.  But, I am finding weeding through all that extra stuff that is posted is like the graphic above... it was taking me down!! 

So, this morning, I purged my friends list on Facebook. The ones left put a smile on my face, make me feel good to have them as friends. 

Same as with the people you come in contact with, people who become acquaintances, then friends. But, then you find that the relationship is not lifting you up, you're on the elevator and you've pushed the down button. You don't need to fill your life with negativity. So, do like I did. Purge your friends list. You can still be acquaintances but just don't let your life be filled with things that make you sad, depressed, unhappy. 

                       MAKE THE MOST OF It.....
                                       FIll IT WITH HAPPINESS. 
                                                                        I love you guys,


  1. I have never signed up for FaceBook and don't think I've missed too much. Blogging acquaintances come and go too as people stop blogging, as I find the relationship is one sided, or when the blogs hold no interest for me any longer.

  2. Hi Latane - I too have never done Facebook or any other social media thing other than my blog! I have no computer time remaining after blogging and e-mailing - even those pastimes require searching/researching which takes even more time! Like you, I don't require to be 'liked' with check marks or trite comments because of sharing with the world such silly things as - I just woke up/brushed my teeth/ arrived at the restaurant etc. I love to blog about meaningful things and will continue just that - my 9th blogging anniv. is coming up next week!

    Speaking of purging - how brave you were to do that! Guess what, I'm in the middle of purging my closet AGAIN, being even more drastic this time around, so must run now - lol!

    Hugs - Mary

  3. You are too cute Latane! I love FB for keeping me in touch with dear friends and family...the other negative things are bothersome I agree...but for the most's been a great media! Hugs!!!

  4. Very true sayings indeed! I have come to the conclusion that I will ignore the downers and just rejoice in the uppers! I haven't done it - because I haven't needed to and wouldn't know how to - but a friend told me that you can "mute" people on facebook, so they are still of the view that you are friends with them, or liking them or whatever, but you don't have to have their posts popping up in your timeline to read. So if you are having a particular bother with anyone that might be worth looking at perhaps. xx

  5. Are you near the bad weather my friend?? Just saw it on the news and checking on several of my blog buddies up that way!

    1. Thanks for asking. Yes we've had a number of tornado warnings this afternoon and evening. I left my 3rd floor apartment and spent that time with a friend on 1st floor (just in case). The Waverly, Va. that is in the news with 3 dead is near where I moved from before living where I do now. Used to go there all the time for a sausage biscuit at Hardees.

  6. The elevator is a good analogy. Moderation is what it takes. It's good to hear you enjoy the senior years.

  7. pretty new look to the blog.....i love my virtual life!!!!

  8. I agree with you. I have kept my facebook list down to ACTUAL friends and family, not just acquaintances. I also agree about the time on the computer...I am going to have to be less exuberant in my computer activity. Out of necessity, as you well know because I have a finite amount of time to get ready for my move. I tend to try to comment on every single person's posts, and it takes a lot of time. Will be skipping around more now...doing far less in that regard. It's just something I can't help! Hope you are having a great week, Mom!


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