Friday, March 18, 2016

Friday Five

Oh what a sunshiney day....
                  Joining with Willy Nilly Friday and Five on Friday.

1.Speaking of sunshine.... there's nothing like sitting outside with the sunshine beaming down on you, after a long winter. I'm loving it.

2. Yesterday the staff at The Commons, where I live, treated us to a baked potato social. My, my, what good potatoes and there were tons of great toppings. We all ate until we popped. 

3. With my hairdresser moved away, I have been trying to find someone I like. First this one will do one thing that I like but something I don't. Then the second will do the same thing. Went to a new one yesterday... same old, same old. I like the top but I don't like the neckline. I'll keep trying to find someone who listens to me. 

4. I've been so busy I haven't had time to work with my pastels. However, I don't think I have posted the last one I did... so here it is.

5. This coming Sunday is Palm Sunday. No matter how you worship, or where... it's an important day in the religious world. Hope to see you in church. 
(this picture was taken in the historic St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Edenton, N. C.)

I am sending well wishes to all my blogging friends.
Love you


  1. a baked potato social, what a fun idea! i love baked potatoes :) your painting is wonderful latane, you are so talented! i too am loving the sunshine although it is going away after today..rain and can you believe snow?! crazy! that is such a beautiful stained glass window! enjoy your weekend and i hope you find a hairdresser you love! thank you for linking :)

  2. Hope you get lucky with your hairdresser, it is really difficult to find one that suits. Love the idea of a baked potato social. The pastel was amazing, you are one talented lady. Take care.

  3. This Irish guy like sunshine and potatoes, every day is a bad hair day for me, I wish I could draw and a joyous Easter week to you.

  4. Butter melted into a potato is always a favourite with us! That is a beautiful stained glass window!
    Your pastel painting if the bird is very good!
    Happy weekend!

  5. I have never been to a "Baked Potato Social" - now i suspect I'm missing something fun . .
    I was so annoyed at a hairstylist - i have let my hair grow even since . . .
    love & love, -g-

  6. Hi Mom! Great Five! Love your stained glass from St. Paul's, and the wonderful pastel of the bird! What fun having that baked potato social! Glad the sun is shining. We are in the mid-80's here again...50s at night. I am looking forward so much to the move, but will miss certain things here. I wonder if I will ever get back?

  7. Enjoyable Friday Five. We have sunshine here today. Wonderful isn’t it? I love baked potatoes, any which way. I have a problem with finding a hairdresser and a dentist I feel comfortable with, still looking as they both left roundabout the same time. Loved the little bird you did with your pastels. That is a lovely picture inside a very pretty church. Have a great day :)

  8. What a beautiful cute pastel! And a great church...
    I cut my hair by muself (very short), with hairdressers it's often an especially thing, sigh!
    Have a blessed Easter week

  9. Lovely to hear these moments from your week. Your picture is really lovely, you are a great artist! Hope you keep enjoying the sunshine. Thank you for taking part in Five On Friday, hope you have a good weekend and a good Easter! xx

  10. Sounds like you've had a good week. My mother suffers the same dilemma with finding a new hairdresser too. So frustrating

  11. I quit going to hairdresser because none of them listened, ever! Love your little bird.

  12. What a pretty little painting! Is it paint or chalk? Either one, it's lovely. A good hairdresser is hard to find, so I feel your pain there! I've had my share of flops, but I found a decent one a few years ago and she's close to me and cheap, so win/win! Hope you have a lovely weekend and Palm Sunday.

  13. A baked potato buffet is a great idea. Glad to know about it. And that little bird is about the most precious thing I've seen in ages. I'm so envious of artists. Please show more of your work.

  14. Sunshine is wonderful! The baked potato social sounds yummy! Another great pastel, love the bird.


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