Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Prayers and Wishes

It was voting day today. I expected long lines but there was only one person ahead of me and that was Leslie. We got checked in, was handed a paper ballot and we went into the little booths and prayed that the marks we made on that ballot make a difference. God knows we need a change in this country. 

We couldn't have asked for a better day, bright, sunny, warm and we don't even think about the ice and snow that they are predicting 3 days from now. I take advantage of the warmth and sit on the balcony to dry my hair. I watch the cell tower as I pull the brush through my hair.... There is no sign that the osprey are back. But, they will be soon.....

I am reading "Four Seasons In Rome" by Anthony Doerr. A true story about he and his wife's year in Rome. They arrive with 6 month old twins and some of the story is of their day to day struggles and joys. Some of it is so descriptive of the history, the culture, the life's blood of Rome. And, I ache to go there. 

And, oh, do I ache to write like Mr. Doerr does. But, that will never happen!! 

I hope that if your state is in the throes of Super Tuesday that you will go to the polls and vote. It matters very much that you do what you can. 



  1. I voted! I had to wait in line for 45 minutes; it actually went quicker than I expected.

  2. Glad to hear you voted. It does matter.

  3. That book sounds interesting! Glad you got out to vote and didnt have to wait. Keep watching for the osprey....im sending you one!

  4. sounds like a good book, we have been having beautiful, springlike weather here in new jersey too!!!

  5. Mom...Yvonne has always wanted to go to Italy, and I used to think I might have the money one day to send she and Jack there on one of their anniversaries, but now that will never happen. Plus, there's so much to worry about traveling in Europe. Just makes me a little sad. But I was thinking...this book would be a great present for Yvonne for her birthday this year! It sounds like she would love it! I didn't know if you knew she has always been crazy about Italy. Hope your ospreys come back soon! Love you!

  6. I'd love to travel abroad, but I'll never get the hubby to go. The books sounds interesting, I'll have to look for it.
    We won't vote here in MO until the 15th and I will go vote. As you say, we certainly need a change and if there's not, God help us all.


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