Friday, April 8, 2016

It's Friday

         I slept late this morning. When I opened my eyes I jumped up, thinking...

                                             'I gotta get my Friday post up'

It is Friday and time to join in Willy Nilly FridayFive on Friday and Fun Friday Favorites.

1. I slept late 'cause I stayed up late!!! It was the American Idol finale's fault. I wasn't going to miss that and I was not disappointed. I loved LaPorcha but I really wanted Trent to win it. And, he did!!
He was so emotional when he found out he won. I love that about a guy. He had worked hard and he was so appreciative.

2. Tomato season is coming up. And, I do love me some 'mater and mayo sandwiches, generously salted, of course. No lettuce! But, yesterday my doctor put me on a low-salt diet. Now, how am I supposed to eat tomatoes, potatoes and eggs without a ton of salt on them? HUH? You tell me. I am p***ed.

3. The pollen count is still very high here - oak, elm and something else (I can't remember what). So, I am staying in unless I have to go out for something. I wish that pollen would just go away.

4. Several years ago my s-i-l made a magnificent entertainment center. Well, times and technology change. Tv's got bigger, cassette tapes no longer used. So, he built another one. What to do with one of the old end units? They gave it to me for my office. I am thrilled. It made a huge difference and I am so much more organized now.

5. I am counting down the days... this time next month this is what I will be doing!


  1. is next month your scrapbooking trip? love the entertainment center you recieved! oh i too love tomato a kid i used to eat tomatoes like an apple but with salt/pepper shakers at my side to sprinkle on each bite...haven't done that since i was a kid! sorry about the salt intake, i'd be pi**ed too! have a great weekend latane, keep warm!! thank you for linking!

  2. #1 and so did I, up at 5:00.
    #2 beat me, get a new Doc.
    #3 come up here, no pollen , just snow.
    #4 entertaining guy.
    #5 Looks good to me!

  3. I so much prefer American Idol that the British version where I sometimes feel some of them can't sin and its all about image. So I have no doubt this person was a fantastic singer and look forward to hearing his voice. The one thing we are looking forward to growing in our greenhouse are tomatoes, so I am jealous that your season is almost here

  4. Hoping the rest of your day goes very well.

  5. I often stay up late and hurt my tomorrow if we have an appt. the next day. But it's so relaxing staying up late to read or watch a movie! Right now I am watching the Sarah Plain and Tall series and love it! Hope you have a good day, pollen free. We are just over the flu virus.

  6. Hello Latane! Great five and my mouth is watering for one of your tomato sandwiches. Hope you can adapt without the salt!
    Oh wouldn't it be lovely to be on a beach right now!
    Hope this posts ok as I have been having trouble leaving comments.

  7. Wow...fabulous sunset!
    No salt may be healthy but tomatoes need salt to bring out the flavour I think. Happy weekend!

  8. Wow...fabulous sunset!
    No salt may be healthy but tomatoes need salt to bring out the flavour I think. Happy weekend!

  9. Good moments - apart from the no salt! You are right, tomatoes definitely need a little sprinkle don't they. Thank you for taking part in Five On Friday, hope you have a great weekend! xx

  10. I used a salt substitute for a while and it wasn't too bad. Then I said to heck with it and used salt.
    Oh where are you going?

  11. I didn't oversleep...I got up to get Cane off, then Russell said he'd take him, so I made sure he was fed and had everything he needed, and I went back to bed. Slept maybe 15 minutes and got a call from an 800 number....GRRRR! Then I couldn't go back to sleep. I was SO EXHAUSTED this morning, I didn't think I was going to make it! :-) But now I've been working on the carport and am totally energized...will likely crash in a few hours! :-) Love that your guy won American Idol! And, geeeez....I'm so jealous of that upcoming beach trip! :-) No, I'm happy for you, just wish I could go too! :-)

  12. BTW that tomato sandwich photo made my mouth water!!!! Sorry you are having to cute down on the salt!

  13. I stayed up late last night, too, and enjoyed the show. I'm glad Trent won, too. I could eat tomato sandwiches, too. So sorry you have to restrict your salt. Looks like you have a nice trip in your future!

  14. Wish I was organised! I need a big cupboard like that!

  15. You actually get used to not having salt and enjoy the pepper. Great looking trip.

  16. 1. I never sleep much past 7:00 - I haven't watched AI for years but it's neat that the person you wanted to win did.
    2. I love fresh tomatoes. Just cut back on your salt, use less.
    3. I don't have allergies to pollen (thank goodness)
    4. Neat looking cabinet.
    5. Lucky you.

  17. Friday morning must be magical... I know that: must make my post...
    I would take pepper at tomatoes or, maybe, a blend of herbs, what should replace the salt - never tried it, but I saw it in the market... Don't know, you have such thing too.
    A pretty closet is always an useful thing...
    Have a nice sunday without pollen


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