Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Frost. No Way!!

Okay, so it's April 6th, spring is already here and I wake up to frost this morning. 

                                      Gee Whiz!!

I have a lot planned this month so it had better hurry up and warm up, folks. How do you pack for trips when you have no idea if it's going to be hot or cold. Well, warm or cold, maybe. After all, it is April, not July.

I just wonder what effect this cold snap will have on the strawberries? I am so ready for strawberries!

And what about that lovely ornamental cherry that is blooming in our courtyard? I hate to think of what it looks like today.
What's the weather where you live?

Oh, by the way, I missed having my blog list on my sidebar.
So, it's back!! Yippee


  1. Replies
    1. Ha ha, Tom. That's snow but then you were just pulling my leg, right?

  2. We are in full spring and we have had strawberry's twice.
    Here in the mid-south.

  3. Poor plants! We had some wonderful "summer days" and now the cold is back, but not frosty, what a luck!
    For an escape I always take a t-shirt, a cardigan or sweater and jacket, that is for all wheathers the best and a big package too... -

  4. I am worried about the fruit crop. The peaches are in full bloom and this upcoming freeze may be dreadful for some of our local farmers.

  5. it's been cold and windy, we have been having sooooo much wind. my spring plants/bulbs are suffering but yet the cherry blossoms bloomed early in washington. go figure!!!!

  6. That blooming cherry is beautiful isn't it. The weather is cold here too still, we hope for warmer soon! xx

  7. Blog list looks good! Great post! Sorry you are having a cold snap. I know you wish spring would dig in strong! It was 94 degrees here yesterday!!!! :-(

  8. I like your new blog look. That binding makes me think quilt. Imagine that! I have a friend who lives in Driver, she said their Wisteria was ruined by the frost. I have one Asiatic Lily that has black on the foliage, it is in the path of that old north wind. No other plants appear to be harmed.


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