Friday, April 1, 2016

My Five For Today

Today is my favorite day of the week. It's Friday and time to join Willy Nilly FridayFive on Friday and Fun Friday Favorites.

1. A friend called the other day, said she was doing a challenge and right away I wanted to do it, too.

                                                              The Challenge

If it was a perfect world, (no money worries, no health issues, no strings attached) 
                            "Write 50 things you would do with your life, from now on". 

Well, I told her I'd email my list to her in a day or two. HA HA. It's been two days and so far I have nine things jotted down. A long way from 50, wouldn't you say? 
                                 Why don't you try it? I think you'd be surprised.

2. Leslie and I went to the church to have our pictures made for the church directory. And, we asked if they would take one of us together. Here it is.... Pretty good pic of an old couple, don't you think?

3. The pollen is still everywhere and I am keeping myself locked up in this apartment. After being 'in the bed' sick because of it, I really appreciate the love and care I get from Leslie. My daughter was totally tied up with work so Leslie took me to the doctor, kept me fed and worried and worried. He's a keeper I am thinking.

4. Tonight is movie night here at the Commons. We will see "Mission Impossible" with Tom Cruise. It should be exciting.

5. I started watching American Idol back when Scotty McCreery was on there. And, this is their last season. In fact next week closes it down. I was glad to see McKenzie go, I think Dalton will be next. And, then it will be just LaPorcia and Trent. Which one do you chose? I think LaPorcia has been the best but a couple of my heartstrings is pulling for Trent. Not sure why.

See you again next Friday for My Favorite Day of The Week and the memes that honor it. 

In the meantime, keep checking to see if I've posted something new. If you'd like to see my blog list, scroll just past the next post. Same for my Google Favorites. 


  1. It is a lovely photo of the two of you. I haven't watched any of the Mission Impossible films with Tom Cruise yet so can't really comment, but I hope you enjoy your film night.

    I'm also joining in with Amy's Five on Friday.

  2. Such a beautiful photo of the two of you, I would say he was a keeper. Take care.

  3. oh that is a great photo and i am glad you have each other! movie night sounds fun. my husband picked up "creed" last night from the redbox but we didn't get a chance to watch it yet so we will have movie night tonight too! gosh, i hope those allergies get under control soon! thank you for linking latane and have a great weekend!!

  4. Oh, that photo of you and Leslie is VERY sweet! I love it! I'm so happy he has been looking out for you while you have been sick. I wish I was closer! Or you were closer. Or something! I'd do that challenge but I can't even think straight right now! :-)I did good to come up with a bucket list recently. Love you!!!

  5. What a special photo of you both! :-)

  6. Well, I will try it! Have and had always so many dreams..
    What a lovely heartwarming photo -
    Hopefor you, the blooming time pf pines is over soon.
    Enjoy the spring through windows

  7. Have fun making your list! I am sure that you will enjoy thinking of things to include. Lovely photo of you and Leslie, he definitely sounds like a keeper!! You make a great couple together. Thank you for taking part in Five On Friday, I hope you have a great weekend! xx

  8. Sorry to hear you are so affected by pollen. Hope you feel better.

    Just looked at your blog list. Thanks for including me but I wonder about the last blog, that posted once 7 years ago. Someone that you know well and you're hoping they get back to it?

  9. A really lovely portrait of you & Leslie! So glad he took good care of you!
    Enjoy your night at the movies!

  10. Beautiful portrait of the two of you. Yes, he does sound like a keeper. Hope you are feeling better. Everything here has a covering of yellow pollen --- yuk! Enjoy the movie.

  11. That is a lovely photo of you both. - Allergies are not fun. I use to watch AI but gave up on it after they changed the judges.

  12. Very nice portrait off yall and you look so pretty in it! He sure does sound like a keeper for sure! Hope you are feeling better by now....that pollen is bad.

  13. I'm sorry the pollen bothers you so much. Your photo is lovely, and your husband so sweet to take care of you. Have a good week.

  14. That is a lovely portrait!


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