Monday, April 4, 2016

Pot Likker

                   Have you ever had any pot liquor (or pot likker, like they say it down South)? 

                                         You don't know what it is, you say? 

Here's the definition I found on Wikipedia: Collard liquor, also known as pot liquor, sometimes spelled potlikker[1] or pot likker[2] is the liquid that is left behind after boiling greens (collard greensmustard greens, turnipgreens); it is sometimes seasoned with salt and pepper, smoked pork or smoked turkey. Pot liquor contains essential vitamins and minerals including iron and vitamin C. Especially important is that it contains a lot of vitamin K, which aids in blood clotting.

photo from internet
Now, you know. We've been told all our lives that eating green vegetables is good for us. And, I know that to be a fact.

                                            I was a scrawny little kid (back in the early '40s). 

                                Mama took me to the doctor. He said, 'Give that girl some pot likker'.

So, Mama got out this old black iron pot, washed some turnip greens and put them and some water in that pot, and it cooked and it cooked and it cooked some more.

Guess what I got for supper that night. Turnip greens - in a bowl swimming in pot likker. It must have worked, too, for it wasn't long until my appetite picked up and I started growing outta my scrawny stage. 

Lord knows, I wish I had some of that 'scrawny' back!!!!


  1. What a fun story - and you were adorable Latane, such gorgeous hair! Still are adorable of course, haha!

    My grandma ALWAYS drank the 'water from the greens', and I thought that was gross! However, for years, since learning to cook - which I love - and becoming a huge aficionado of healthy soups, which I make several times a week, I almost always save the 'potlikker' when cooking my veggies and add it to those soups. Being vegetarian I buy, cook and eat a ton of fresh veggies every week.

    Like you, my 'scrawny days' are long gone but remaining at a healthy weight is very important so I do my best to keep it under control.
    Happy week - Mary

  2. As you know, I love turnip and collard greens! :-) I know in times past when a child was sickly (though Mom, you don't look sickly, just cute!) they would give it pot likker, even in a bottle. I can't imagine a little one liking the taste, though. :-) Hope you had a good weekend.

  3. A cute story, and you were a sweet looking little girl!!! Never heard of it, I don't like collard greens!!!!

  4. Yep...its called pot likker fown here! Lol

  5. ha, what a great story and look how cute you were!

  6. I've been in the south for 17 years but I haven't acquired a taste for cooked greens yet. I may have to try harder now that I know the health benefits to that likker. You sure were an adorable little girl.

  7. Cute girl! Never heard about pot likker. I was a scrawny pale girl too and my grandmother made for me a coctail with red wine and the yellow of a raw egg, but I haven't drink that, never!


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