Monday, May 30, 2016

A Bright Yellow Monday

I'm not sure that I've ever considered YELLOW as a favorite color before but it is fast becoming one. I like things that are cheery, make me smile, brighten my day. How about you?

On that note I want to share some yellow things with you today and also to join in The Mellow Yellow meme. Do you have some yellows you'd like to share.

I like me some yellow scrambled eggs. Yes, I do.

I love yellow roses. 

and pretty yellow birds. 

How's that for a bright, sunny Monday morning?


  1. Good Morning! Oh, I love eggs any way you prepare them. Those are beautiful yellow roses and the Goldfinch is gorgeous, too. I was happy to see bright yellow sunshine after the early a.m. fog burned off this morning! Enjoy your day, Latane.

  2. Adore scrambled eggs too. Love the yellow rose and the little bird is a cutie.

  3. Oh, Sweetpea!!

    You brighten the world every day! What a lovely array of yellows to shine out on this Monday. Chris usually brings home pink roses each weekend, but yesterday he varied it up a bit with a bouquet of Spring flowers so enormous, I had to split them into two vases. I took a smaller arrangement up to "Caro's house" and right here behind me on the dining table is a huge shiny pink vase of pale greens (which look like the most delicate, small hydrangeas) and bright yellow mums (most of which came in tiny white hairnet hoods that you had to gently pull off over their heads, as they sprang forth from looking like buds into their golden glory). And deep pink carnations and loads of purple sweetpeas, which have perfumed the whole area sitting here overnight.

    Here's to a BRIGHT week!!


  4. Me, I like to ware and use yellow as much as I can in winter
    it cheers me up.
    Hoping your day is a good one.

  5. Your eggs look delicious, Lantane !I also love yellow roses. I believe their meaning is friendship and remembrance? Sweet little Goldfinch!

  6. Your yellow roses are so beautiful ! I received a yellow rose yesterday
    at church since I was a new visitor, and I will always remember that day!

  7. It is a beautiful colour! You are looking great!

  8. Yellow is my favorite SUMMER color.... I love yellow flowers. They are SO cheery... Great pictures. I love that YELLOW Goldfinch.

    Happy Memorial Day. Let's never forget to pay tribute to those who did so much for us to enjoy our freedom.


  9. Thinking of the color reminds me of the song by The Beatles..We all live in a yellow submarine and the song Mellow Yellow. There is a restaurant near me called Mellow Yellow...

  10. Yellow is a happy color. Love the bird photo!

  11. This post just came up on my "for you" news feed on my iPad. I recognized you and thought, wow, she has gone big time. ��

  12. some wonderful yellow choices!! i would think you are a yellow lover as i type on your mostly yellow blog!!!!!

    you got a great shot of mr. goldfinch!!!

  13. I love yellow, and this is a great post! Yellow brings a sunshiny happiness to one's day!

  14. Yellow is truly cheerful! Love the flowers and the bird. Breakfast looks yummy!

  15. I find yellow to be quite cheery, too. I used to want a yellow kitchen when I was a wee little girl, and I ended up getting one with one of my homes (it was a rental). Love all of your shots.


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