Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Wonder of Nature

I just couldn't help but post a few pictures today so I can hook up with Outdoors Wednesday and Wild Bird Wednesday. I seldom go out on my balcony without camera in hand and as sure as I do... uh oh, I've missed a great shot. You learn by mistakes, I guess.

Anyway, you all enjoy these while I am out getting my hair done and having lunch with my daughter Shirley. I'll check on your posts as soon as I get back. 

Mid-afternoon yesterday I walked out on the balcony and my breath was taken away by the beautiful cloud formations to the south. Don't you agree? Just so stunning. Of course, the camera does not do them justice but I tried. 

For a long time I watched the heron easing it's way slowly along the pond bank, watching for something to snag for supper....

and then, as the evening shadows began to creep across the water and the light began to fade, I saw a fluttering of wings in the far off trees. I wonder if he is going to nest there tonight?

Gee, I should be back soon from my hair appointment and lunch..... Until then....

Have a wonderful day yourself!! 



  1. Very nice pictures. I'd love to sit with you on your balcony! The clouds are so beautiful. Hope you enjoyed your afternoon out and about.

  2. Lovely photos! I always love cloud photographs. Nature is a wonder.

  3. Those are wonderful clouds, and I never tire of watching Great Blue Herons!

  4. wonderful photos latane! enjoy your day! i'm taking my boys out to lunch today :)

  5. Such a majestic bird


  6. love your photos....glad you had lunch with daughter....my favorite thing to do.

  7. Just gorgeous, Mom! Our world is such a glorious place...I love seeing nature so much! You got some great photos!

  8. What a surprise to see the heron and those clouds in the sky were awesome. Take care. See you next week.
    JM, Illinois-U.S.A.

  9. What glorious clouds....and the heron is so fascinating! So large and yet so graceful. Hope you had a nice lunch =) with your girl.

  10. Love those heron shots, too. Gosh, it IS difficult to get the full effect of the sky, but love what you've captured, Latane. Have a nice weekend.


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