Monday, May 2, 2016

Brookgreen Gardens

Part of my mystery trip was a stop at Brookgreen Gardens in South Carolina. A couple bought old rice plantations and turned them into a sculpture garden. Hope you enjoy the stroll through...

A sculpture of the couple

tree hanging with spanish moss

catfish fountains

a nymph and a fawn

This is just a sampling. We were there for such a short period of time, anxious to see more places and you go when the bus cranks up....


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  1. That was a lovely stop on your trip.

  2. What a charming and mysterious place---can you imagine just buying a great piece of land and commissioning artists to create such marvels? What an entertaining life that would be, just ensuring that folks had beautiful things.

    I'm captivated by the catfish one---are the folks/sprites just skipping along on the fish, like little kids on steppieng stones?


  3. I really love the sculptures and the water features! Beautiful serene place to spend some time in reflection, if you'd been given the time. :-) Love the Spanish Moss too.

  4. Lovely to see the gardens and the sculptures too.

  5. What a gorgeous place to visit and walk around. There are many wonderful sculptures there

  6. even the tress are sculptural

  7. Used to drive by there nearly every day! It is a neat place and they also have a big beautiful Christmas lighting display. So glad you got to go!


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