Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Outdoors at the Beach

The beach is such a calming place. Good for renewing one's spirit and getting sand between your toes. 

              Here are some shots I want to share with everyone over at 
                                                    Outdoors Wednesday.

                                                If you like, click to enlarge photo. 

I hope you all can find a peaceful place to renew your spirit. 


  1. I totally agree! The beach is my relaxing place also! Wonderful photos and I hope you had a great time!!

  2. Beautiful pictures, I want to go to the beach, now :)

  3. The beautiful color of the ocean in the first photo did the trick---aaah.

  4. Beautiful beach pictures! Nothing more relaxing than the sound of the mighty ocean!

  5. Just love these photos, Mom! Your shots are perfect! Looks so awesome there on the water...a relaxing week. (ahem...got your email! :-) Will answer soon.) Outdoor Wednesday would be a good one for me to join in some time. There's also Watery Wednesday which I'm sure I can do again once I get moved. :-)

  6. Yes, the beach does just that! I'm loving that we can be on the beach in 5 minutes. I can't take being out in it long, but I love short trips to it now.


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