Friday, June 24, 2016

Frantic Friday

* I am busy this morning (well, not this very minute because I am on the computer) but I am expecting my youngest daughter and her youngest son (my youngest grandson) to arrive this afternoon for a visit. I am all excited.

* Did you see the strawberry moon (on Summer soltice) the other night? It won't happen again in my (and probably your) lifetime, not on the soltice, so I definately took advantage of the opportunity. Not much to see but at least I can say I did see it!

* My fellow's been gone visiting family and came back yesterday. Lordy mercy, my eyes started watering, my nose running and I got some bags under my eyes. We finally figured out that with that hello hug and kiss.... I am allergic to his brand new after-shave.

* On our daughter-mom "out to lunch" the other day we went in a little shop called Beyond Main, meaning of course, that it is just off Main Street in Smithfield, Va. I saw this cute little bag I just had to have. You can see them in this picture. They are made out of recycled yoga mats!!

* My fellow brought me a bag of peaches. He bought them somewhere in the Carolina on his way home from Georgia. I am thinking peach cobbler!!

I am linking with Willy Nilly Friday. Well, I guess I won't be linking up because Tanya's on vacation but the post is done so here it is!!

and don't forget to check out my daughter and my blog Out To Lunch. In a couple days we'll have our latest adventure posted. 


  1. Have a lovely visit with your delightful looking family Latane.

    Speaking of 'delightful', what a lovely gentleman you apparently share precious time with. Coming back bearing South Carolina peaches, often the best, makes him a keeper. . . . .even if you are allergic to him, haha!

  2. I hope your visit is over the top happy!

  3. great picture of you and your beau!!!!

  4. Great Five! I didn't think Tanya was going to be gone this was next Friday. Pretty sure. Oh well. I completely forgot this week! :-) Well, a visit from Susan and T! I saw her facebook shot of them on the Jamestown Ferry. Oh, how I wish I could have been there. Cane asked me on the phone the other day when we could go see you, and also Aunt Susan and the "NY cousins." Makes me sad that we are so far, and I don't seem to be able to get back! I want to bring him, of course, and Yvonne also. They really miss you Mom and so do I!

  5. really beautiful people!!!! peach cobbler sounds perfect for those beautiful peaches!!!

    and i read all about that strawberry moon but ours did not look any different!!!!


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