Monday, June 6, 2016

Some Good Ole Southern Peace

                                                        Such a storm last night...
                                                            Lots of lightning
                                                             and ton of rain. 

But, I survived and here I am, ready to post a new pic or two and then link up with Through My Lens.
Do you have something to contribute today? If so, just join in the fun. Thanks Mersad!!

I love the long road leading into Mansfield plantation in South Carolina. My daughter and I chose to walk it instead of taking the tour bus. Such a quiet, peaceful time.

A peaceful beach. The sound of the waves is so calming.

A glass of southern sweet iced tea sure sets my heart to singing. 

The moss hanging from this tree is mysterious, like fog creeping across the land. Another good ole Southern thing. 



  1. I love to see the moss hanging from the trees.

  2. What a lovely post, Latane!
    There's such a joyful and serene atmosphere in these photos.
    Have a happy new week! Hugs!

  3. Your post made me think of my son and his family who are at Hilton Head this week. I hope they don't have too much rain this week and get to experience some of the pleasures of SC that you did!

  4. That drive lined with trees just says SOUTHERN! Beautiful photos of your visit and I love sweet iced tea.

  5. Well you know i am loving this beautiful post my friend!!! Im so glad you enjoyed it here!

  6. beautiful captures!! any day at the beach is a good day!! oooh and i am a sweet tea kinda' girl too!!!

    thanks for the i.d. on the flower. they have surely taken over that garden in the most beautiful kinda' way!!!!

  7. Wow, and more wow! Such beautiful images, Mom! And they all represent the peaceful beauty of the south. LOVE that Spanish moss, and that tree lined drive! You look so happy sitting there with your tea!

  8. beautiful scenes latane! i've always wanted to live in a place with a tree lined drive like that!


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