Friday, June 3, 2016

Is That A Pool Shark I See?

Tra La....

I'm on my way to attend my great-grandson's pre-school graduation. Just taking a minute or two to connect with my favorite Friday people, like Willy Nilly FridayFive On Friday, and Fun Friday Favorites before I leave. So, let's do it !!!!

1. The hummers are back in full force. I couldn't be happier. They are a little skiddish of me if I am sitting on the balcony. Some will feed anyway, other's shy off until I am gone. They are a constant source of enjoyment. 

2. I love this picture of three generations taken at a Mother's Day lunch at Ruby Tuesdays. Mother (that's me), Daughter and Granddaughter.

3. Remembering what fun we had at the beach last month. I just might consider becoming a pool shark!!

4. Daughter Shirley and I had a delightful lunch at the new Surry Seafood Company restaurant recently. We have started doing Mother/Daughter lunches and are going to blog about it. Watch for the first edition coming soon. 

5. We have had rain every day for ever so long. I loved the way these droplets looked on my pretty plant. Those plants have been thriving with getting so much water. Now it's time for the sun to come out so they can grow, grow, grow. 

Must run for now. Can't wait to see what you all have been doing this week!


  1. We are having the same rain. Some of it is good, but sometimes it just floods everything!

  2. i love the idea of your lunching blog, can't wait...what a wonderful photo that is of the 3 generations! haha, pool shark! you are funny! thank you for linking latane and have a great weekend! pretty water droplets :)

  3. Loved the photo of the three generations. Hope you enjoy the graduation. take care.

  4. Hope his graduation went well, lovely that you could attend it. Wonderful photo of the 3 generations and I love your sense of humour, pool shark! I'm so bad at that game, I hold the cue all wrong just to start...

  5. Wonderful photos, Mom! Miss you...wish Yvonne & I could be in some of those three generation shots! :-( LOVE the hummingbird photo! Can't wait to check out the eatery blog! I am considering starting one about NW sites! (After I get moved of course!) C got on the plane fine yesterday. It was a rough day on R & me, and I slept a lot after. :-) Missing our sweet boy so much already! But he got home safe & sound.

  6. awww, you shared some great "selfies" especially of the 3 generations!!!

    my hummers are hit and miss this year, some very friendly, some, not so much. but i am seeing a lot!!! have a wonderful weekend!!!

  7. I love the three generations picture. It's so nice that you're doing mother/daughter lunches. I love getting together with my daughter. It isn't always easier as she lives in a different town and works quite a lot but it makes it even more special when we do finally get together.

    Have a lovely weekend

  8. Love the three generations together. Enjoy your mother daughter lunches...make lots of memories and then return to being a pool shark! :) Hummingbirds are just magical. Have a great week.

  9. I see you are working just to hard!!!!
    Enjoying our life now is great and I think
    we are happier, don't you??

  10. Your lunches sound like fun, I am sure that I will enjoy hearing about them! Lovely picture of the three generations, you are all so lovely!! Thank you for your support of Five On Friday, I so appreciate it!!! Have a great weekend! xx

  11. #1 They are amazing birds.
    #2 Which is which?
    #3 Pool hustler?
    #4 Was it good?
    #5 We have had sun and no rain for ever so long.

  12. I hope you enjoyed the graduation, I bet you were very proud. :-)

  13. Just now catching up, Latane. Gotta say, you look like you're enjoying the billiard table, indeed. I just love playing pool.

  14. Hooray for the lunch blog. I'm a real Foodie, so looking forward to lots of good Foodie Fotos.

    Wish my daughter-in-law lived closer, so we could do that.

  15. A fun post, thanks for the smiles.



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