Sunday, July 24, 2016

Cucumber Pickles For Summer Eating

What do you do when a neighbor gives you cucumbers an arm  long? Well, maybe not quite that long, but long nevertheless. It does measure from my hand to my elbow!! and hardly any seeds.

This guy has been a farmer all his life. That's all he knows. So, when he had to give up his farming because of health issues, he started gardening. Here at The Commons, residents can have a small plot to plant veggies in and he has several plots. 

And, he's generous with his friends. You can't beat that.

So, back to what to do with these cucumbers!! I got on the internet and found a recipe for refrigerator pickles. That's just what I wanted. Something easy! 

We have been eating helpings of pickles every night just like they were a side dish. Oh yum. I really am going to hate when those cucumbers stop bearing. 

What have you done with fresh vegetables this summer? Anything exciting? 


  1. So wonderful! I love fresh veggies so much and look forward to being able to grow some again! He was sweet to share!

  2. I have pickled some beetroot ready for the Autumn with cold meats.


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