Monday, July 25, 2016

A Deer and A Bunny

Folks, it's hot out there. As I walked out my front door this morning, on my way to the drugstore, I thought I had stepped into a sauna!! Hot, muggy, steamy.... I am so ready for Fall. I might even appreciate a little snow!

I haven't seen much of the deer lately. Guess it's just too hot for them, as well. But, here are a couple of pictures I took not so long ago of the doe. She was out feeding.

and I saw a bunny eating clover in my daughter's yard. 

With the light shining through his ears, they look almost transparent! 

Enjoy God's nature, even when it's scorching hot outside.


  1. It's hot where I am too. We usually leave water out for the animals.

  2. I love Deers and Bunnies. Your images are beautiful.
    Thank you for following Prunella!
    Have a truly wonderful Weekend :)


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