Friday, July 29, 2016

Is It Friday Yet?

Here's my Friday Five
              1. When is this heat going to let up?
                 2. I'm glad the conventions are over.
                      3. Girlfriends are just the best.
                              4. Loved shopping with my great-grandson
                                          5. We get a monthly calendar.

Hmmmm, reckon I ought to elaborate on them?  

Okay, here goes. 

1. It has been hotter than hades around here for days and days. Yesterday the heat index was 111. Makes a person stay inside

2. I watched the Republican Convention more than the Democratic one. Both were interesting, annoying, entertaining. And, we still don't know how either one of those candidates are going to fix this country. It's scary.

3. There are five of us girls (and I say that tongue in cheek, hehe) get together twice a month here at The Commons. Friendship with girlfriends is so important. I am blessed to live in a place where we all are so close and see each other often.

4. My daughter had her 5 year old grandson with her the other day when we went to Wal-Mart. She asked him if he wanted to shop with her or with me. Naturally he said 'Gigi'. So, off we went and it was such fun. He was a big help and, of course, Gigi bought him a couple things! I loved every minute.

5. We get a monthly activity calendar each month here at The Commons. Soon as I get it I sit down and mark my own calendar with the activities I want to participate in. I look forward every month to getting that calendar and then having fun doing the various things they have planned for us. 

I've joined Willy Nilly Friday and Five On Friday.  Why dont' you?


  1. Shopping with GG is the best, he knows it!!

  2. you live in such a fun place! of course your grandson wanted to shop with you, grandmas are the best! i feel terrible for the kids out at football practice or anyone having to work in the heat! you can link up now, i forgot it was friday! have a great weekend latane :)

  3. I am so happy for you and your new living situation. Sounds like you love it there --and YES, it is great to have girlfriends..... Three childhood friends and me used to get together once a year for a 'getaway'... SO much fun. Two of these friends are now dead --and I miss them both SO much.

    I agree that I'm not sure WHO can fix our country... We are SO divided and there's so much anger. The one thing I am sure of is that after 8 yrs of NO leadership ---we HAVE to have a good leader who can bring us back together as a special, diverse country-- full of love, understanding, appreciation, and caring --that our forefathers provided for us.

    P.S. I am ready for FALL.... The heat here has been horrible this Summer.

  4. I like the idea of getting an activities calendar where I live! Nice to meet you via Willy Nilly Friday!

  5. The Commons sounds like a great place to live! Time with grandchildren is always special, and it's fun to treat them a little.

  6. #1 when it gets cold.
    #2 so am I.
    #3 I have one girl friend.
    #4 I don't shop.
    #5 I'm not much at planning.

  7. Isn't it wonderful to have little outings with the Grandchildren. I have had visitors all week and it has been so much fun. It certainly has turned out to be a hectic summer.

  8. it's so hot here as well, you could fry an egg on the sidewalk!!! i did not watch the conventions, i just don't have any interest in either candidate!!!

    i added you to my reading list!!!

  9. It's hot here too, too hot. I'm glad the conventions are over too and I'm sure neither of them is a good candidate.

  10. It's cooled down a bit over here but we've lost the blue skies!

  11. Shopping with the grands can't be beat. It is hot here, too. Probably won't be cool until October. We have named August, UGHust. I'm glad the conventions are over too. Have a lovely week.

  12. I love my girlfriends like I would love sisters if I had any. I am glad you are able to see yours so often. Shopping with my gran was always fabulous, I remember it still, 40 years on. I remember she allowed me to get a pot of instant noodles with tomato sauce whenever I wanted to! I used to think this was such a treat :-)
    Viewing your elections from this side of the pond is quite worrying. Personally I find neither of the candidates appealing and I would try to choose the one I think might do least damage. I am glad I won't have to make that choice!
    Wishing you a happy weekend x

  13. Really nice Five! I didn't even get one out this week. I love that you and that sweetie got to shop together. I used to love to take Cane with me too when he was small!

  14. Send you a cool breeze :-)
    We in the other part of the world are very excited (and worried) about choice in States.
    Have a nice time with your monthly calendar

  15. Our weather has also been hot this summer in Ontario, Canada,but not quite hot as yours I just have to think of a blustry snowy winter day and it cools me right down. I can't believe it will be August in a couple of days.

  16. Our weather has also been hot this summer in Ontario, Canada,but not quite hot as yours I just have to think of a blustry snowy winter day and it cools me right down. I can't believe it will be August in a couple of days.

  17. I like your idea of a summary and then an indepth explanation! Hope that the weather cools down for you and that you can enjoy some of the activities coming up! Thank you too for joining Five On Friday. I hope that you have a great August and I look forward to seeing you again in September! xx

  18. It's been a hot summer in NH as well Latana. We are used to even hotter ones from our years in VA and well know about the 100+ heat index days there, we experienced them last week when we were back on the VA eastern shore.


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