Monday, July 25, 2016

A Deer and A Bunny

Folks, it's hot out there. As I walked out my front door this morning, on my way to the drugstore, I thought I had stepped into a sauna!! Hot, muggy, steamy.... I am so ready for Fall. I might even appreciate a little snow!

I haven't seen much of the deer lately. Guess it's just too hot for them, as well. But, here are a couple of pictures I took not so long ago of the doe. She was out feeding.

the fawn are nearly as big as their Mama but they are cuter. 

and I saw a bunny eating clover in my daughter's yard. 

With the light shining through his ears, they look almost transparent! 

Enjoy God's nature, even when it's scorching hot outside.


  1. These are some sweet scenes :)

  2. Yes, much too hot and humid here too Latane! I'm just not a Summer in the south person - bring on Fall soon please!
    Lovely wildlife shots - I know they must be hot too, 108 here yesterday and close to that all this week ahead! Take care and stay in the cool places.

  3. Hi Pretty Lady, Great set of pictures. Love the little fawns.... It's doggone hot here too and very DRY... We are desperate for rain. They say ????? that we may get some heat-relief and also some RAIN on Thursday... Cannot wait...


  4. great captures!!!! i adore those baby deer, so sweet!!!

    ps...i wanted to share with you, that in order for me to "find" your blog, i have to goggle it. when i click on your name, it takes me to goggle plus and i can never access your blog from there. i wasn't sure if you knew that, or if there is a way for you to fix it. i don't use goggle+ but i visit other people who do and i can access their blog from there. debbie

    1. Debbie, I am not sure why that is happening for you. Most other bloggers don't have that problem accessing my site. And, I have the setting on my blog for my posts to not be shared with google+ so it is rare that one will slip by and get on there. I don't use google+ for promotion of my blog and don't like it on there. My google+ account is to highlight my photography. If you are getting on my blog by going into google+ you must think I don't do many blog posts because the ones that do slip by me are few and far between. Perhaps if you bookmarked my blog or put me as a favorite on your gadgets ... that might help. I am so sorry that you are having problems but like I said... I have no clue why.

    2. i had trouble again today. but i'll do that, add it to my favorites!!!

  5. lot's of cute critters! i know it is toasty out but i'm enjoying it...although my boys start football practice tomorrow so i sure wish it would cool down a bit for them! (and you!)

  6. The poor animals. There's no air conditioning for them. And no heat in the winter either!

  7. The fawns are adorable, and you know I like bunnies!

  8. Great post, Mom! I'm glad you get to see wildlife at times!


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