Thursday, August 4, 2016

End of the Week

It's the end of another work week. Of course, since I don't work (outside the home, that is... and very little inside the home. hehe) I can call it whatever I wish. It's hard to keep up with the days of the week when you don't have a work schedule. 

But, I do know it's FRIDAY and that means it's time for Tanya's Willy Nilly FridayFive On FridaySimple and Sweet Friday and Today's Flowers. So.... here goes.

1. I had a lovely visit at my daughter's house yesterday. My granddaughter and great-grandson came out and we sat in the yard and enjoyed the cool breeze. It's been very hot here and that breeze made it so pleasant.

2. I love this lily that is sitting on dau's side porch. I forget what kind she said it was. But, I love it.

2. The yard was filled with hummingbirds. And, one poor little fellow hit a window that knocked him cuckoo. My great grand got to hold him in his hand, while the birdie blinked his eyes and took deep breaths. 

3. Once the hummingbird recovered, it flew away. I love the look on Great-grand's face after it took wing.

4. The sun was hitting these yellow flowers... I am thinking black-eyed susans but probably not... anyway, they were so pretty so daughter took a picture of them for me. 

5. And, before I left for home, I got a piece of this yummy peach pie... with ice cream!

I drove home in the twilight... quite happy and content. 


  1. Love the flowers!
    What a wonderful experience to hold a Hummingbird!
    Have a great week-end!

  2. wow!!! what a great week you had, i too love the grands images!!!

    around here, every day is a holiday!!! have a great weekend!!!

  3. Your Grandsons face was a delight and the peach pie was a rare treat, yummy!

  4. Wow! Such a sweet visit...a lovely day with the gentle breeze and flowers...and that hummingbird experience for Great-grand! Oh and peach pie! :-) It all sounds wonderful!

  5. That peach pie looks yummy.

  6. Very nice pictures...
    Greeting, Karin

  7. Glad the hummingbird recovered. Great shots!

  8. wow, holding a hummingbird is so amazing! Those flowers are so pretty. Is it hot there? Mercy it's hot here and has us looking forward to Fall. I like that lily too, wonder what it is? Whatcha got planned for this weekend?

  9. The look on your Great-Grand's face was priceless, so glad it was a happy outcome. That pie looked delicious and a good way to start off a journey. Thank you also for sharing these pretty flowers with Today's Flowers Latane, and have a great Sunday :)

  10. That is a pretty flower. You caught the look on his face perfectly! Glad the hummer was OK. I'm going to pretend I didn't see that pie! LOL


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