Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Growing Old Gracefully

After watching POV on PBS last night, a documentary on Iris Apfel, the famous interior designer and fashion icon, I got inspired to do another in my series of  'Growing Old Gracefully'. 

Heaven only knows I don't have style! I wish I did and maybe I should work at it a little harder. Losing some weight would help the overall appearance. Maybe I will try harder to look better. I certainly would never be an Iris Apfel. 

For one thing, she's far too flamboyant for my taste. But, I admire that woman and her love of fashion and maybe if I had her money I could dress in all the latest top designer clothes. The woman is 94!! And, she still looks like a million bucks. 

Dau. Shirley and I got out for our Lunch Adventure on Saturday and she took me to a shop called "Charming Charlie" over in Peninsula Town Center in Hampton (Virginia). I had a bunch of fun and got me some new jewelry. That made me feel more put together.

left to right: a dark green and hammered gold necklace and matching bracelet.  
next:  filligree silver and black diamond shapes on a silver chain. 
#3: In front: This chain has dark olive and off white pieces on a chain and matches a pair of dark olive pants I already had.
#4. Navy blue and silver necklace and matching bracelet to wear with a red and navy dress. 

Oh, and the little clutch is just adorable. It can be carried as a clutch or has a gold chain to use as a shoulder bag. 

So, I am on the right track, I think. Getting more updated. Some of the jewelry I was wearing was generations old and tacky. Some I had made in my 'jewelry making craze days'. 

We older ladies do not have to look frumpy!! Here are some pictures taken from Pinterest that I just love and would like to emulate.



Here are some of my attempts to 'look more fashionable'

Well, now that is 'off my chest'. (hehe)  
Have a great week.  


  1. What a fun post, my hubby and I just had our 50th wedding anniversary and I have done my level best to age gracefully. You look super in your photos. I would love to look that good at 94.

  2. I thought you looked very elegant, so nice to put a face to the blog.

  3. You look great! I also watched the documentary about Iris. Loved it.

  4. You look great, Mom! I really love the clutch and new jewelry! You also showed us some other nice-looking fashionable older ladies and I love it. Great post!

  5. Fun post! I agree with Marie, you look great Latane. I haven't bought myself any new jewelry in a long time, you have sown a seed :) Thank you for your very sweet words regarding my father-in-law's passing. The whole family will appreciate reading them.

  6. awwww, you look great!! i am no fashionista but i am happy with the way i look. i don't care for "big" jewelry as it feels so heavy when i wear it!! i love charming charlies!!!!

  7. I hate shopping. So, I was thrilled to find the mother load of much needed tops at Marshalls. One stop and I was done. Have fun exploring your inner fashionista!

  8. Oh, Latane, you are a trip! Looking good! I love how Charming Charlie has things separated by color.


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