Friday, August 26, 2016

My Say On A Friday

Here's my Five on Friday....

1. I find alpacas such fun to watch. My son's next door neighbor has some. They shear them in the spring to sell the wool. They keep the males and females in separate pens. You can see the fence between them. Makes for less fighting! 

2. On these hot summer days, I do love to have lemon sorbet to cool me off.  How about you? What's your 'cool off' trick?

3. If I don't have lemon sorbet, I could just stand in the shade of a big ole tree. 

4. Or stand under a waterfall. This one proclaims to be the world's tallest man-made waterfall in the world. (That's my son, Michael, with me) 

5. How about a sail down the river on a sailboat. That should certainly cool a person off. 

Bye for now. 


  1. cooling off for me, is a nice tall glass of iced tea, in the air conditioned house!! what a pretty picture of you and your son.

    cool ship, seeing one of those always makes me smile!!!

    oooooh and those alpaca's, i almost forgot. they are my very most favorite. i have a farm nearby that i visit and i love to knit with their fiber!!!

  2. Hello Latane and I hope better late than never I want to thank you for coming by my blog and following!
    I feel refreshed already after seeing your photos but to taste the sorbet would be a real treat!
    We visited a llama farm on Wed. and the alpacas seem to have shorter coats but they are comical creatures and fun to watch!
    Best wishes

  3. ummmmm the sorbet looks yummy. I pick the waterfall to cool off with.

  4. Of course---I'd choose the waterfall!!!! haha... BUT--when I am hot after working and sweating in the yard, my drink of choice is a glass of ice-cold WATER.... Nothing Better.

    You have a handsome son.... Great pictures.

  5. I love the idea of standing near a waterfall. Great five.

  6. I'm in Southwest Ohio now and it's HOT! How do folks live in this heat?

  7. I love Alpacas, mainly because their wool is so soft and I am not allergic to it like I am lambs wool. :)
    Lovely photos and great ideas for cooling off. My favorite method is to find a large body of water somewhere and jump in and float….LOL

  8. Loving your photos! Happy Friday ♥

  9. Oh what a wonderful Friday Five! I could use some of that delicious lemon sorbet. Beautiful photos, Mom! I love seeing your trip! I didn't link yesterday because I lost my access to just would NOT let me on! I did a defrag and disk cleaning this morning after the overnight reboot and I'm back. It was a little scary yesterday and now I am behind! Hope you go by and see my post. Oh, and don't forget to check out my latest book review I did while you were gone.

  10. I think a glass of ice tea would hit the spot for me. Loving all your different photos.

  11. you have some great tips for cooling off! i think i will have a bowl of that yummy looking sorbet and sit under that pretty tree with you! sweet picture of you and your baby :) thank you for linking up latane and have a wonderful week! stay cool!!


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