Wednesday, September 21, 2016

A Trip On The James River

There's something very peaceful about being on the water, be it the ocean, a lake or a river. Recently four of us gal pals went on a paddle boat trip down the James River here in Virginia. Let me take you along on our trip....

This is The City of Fredricksburg paddle boat, docked at Rockett's Landing in Richmond. I didn't have a picture of it so I hope they don't mind me borrowing this shot off their website.

The rest of these pictures are mine, y'all.  It was a gorgeous day, just right for relaxing

There was no other traffic on the river, but we did see a tugboat sitting at one industrial site.

I saw some turtles sitting on logs but didn't get a picture. I did get this picture of an eagle!!

He never would look my way!!

And, we went under the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Bridge.

The Captain turned the boat around for the return trip at the home of Jimmy Dean (famous for his music and his sausage!) Planted flowers spell out his initials.

Jimmy's grave is just right of the flag in the above picture. His tombstone is a baby grand piano.

This is Drewry's Bluff, the site of an important Civil War battle.
For more information click HERE

And, we traveled slowly back up the river, listening to '70s music and enjoying the out-of-doors.

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  1. What a lovely riverboat cruise!

  2. You certainly too us on a wonderful river cruise, some great sights.

  3. Beautiful paddleboat ride and pictures along the James River; We were in VA last week (farther west than you).. We spent a couple of days at the Peaks of Otter... I posted about it on Monday....


  4. That': beautiful country there. We'venomly been to Virginia a few times and that was neat D.C. to visit friends. I looked for a Follow By Email widget but didn't see one. That makes it easier to keep up.

  5. What an interesting and relaxing day you had! The water is indeed peaceful and soothing. The Memorial bridge is impressive and so is your photo of it.
    Thank you for sharing!

  6. A wonderful experience indeed♥ Beautiful river ♥

  7. I didn't realize it was a paddle-bat tour! That really is awesome! I guess I was imagining a boat like the one you took that tour on in Suffolk some time back. I have added a paddle boat tour down the Columbia R. to my bucket list! Your trip looks like so much fun! Loved seeing Jimmy Dean's house and grave!

  8. Oh Yes, there's just something about rivers and lakes. These are lovely pictures of the James River. Love the Eagle pic. I hope you are enjoying the September days, Latane.


  9. An amazing trip with some beautiful views. Oh to be able to see an eagle in the wild! Have a wonderful weekend :)

  10. Very nice pictures and beautiful weather for your trip. Happy Fall, Latane.

  11. Wonderful post. I showed it to my husband to put on our to do list after my knee replacement. Can't wait.
    Love reading about your adventures. 70's music while cruising sounds good to me.


  12. looks like a wonderful ride, lot's to look at!!! nice shot of the eagle, too bad he didn't turn around!!!

    it's a nice looking boat, i like the red!!

  13. What a lovely trip that must have been. I really enjoyed these and thank you for the link also.


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