Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The Coloring Book Craze

Did you see the blood moon? It was just coming up over the ocean when I saw it and not orangy colored yet but you just gotta stand in awe at anything as beautiful as this...........

The stay at the beach was short but we had a good time. Back home again I picked up my copy of the AARP Bulletin and saw a section devoted to "Books". Hmmm, wonder what that is all about.

AARP has a portable adult coloring book, "While You Wait". Well, that's a great idea. Just tuck this little book inside your purse or pocket next time you go to the doctors office, are in the car waiting for grandchildren to come out of the school, even at a restaurant while you wait for your food. Pull it out and get creative.

I've done that for years. Can't stand SITTING with nothing to do... so I'd take a book to read, my Kindle to play games (volume turned off, of course) or even crocheting. And, now with this craze about adult coloring books hitting the 'older' crowd, you have no excuse.

I am going to a coloring book group this morning here at our apartment complex. I'm excited about it. But, I won't be using the adult coloring books. I will take along my sketch pad and some pastels. Do my own thing.

I am so happy that it is an acceptable thing now for adults to be coloring!! How cool is that? We can't let the little ones have all the fun. 


  1. I would rather color on a quilt. Just can't get into the idea of coloring in a book. I do like using the coloring books for possible embroidery designs though. Maybe one day I will change my mind, but I still have lots of quilting to do (and embroidering) before I give that up! And I want to get back to painting. I think I will have a lot of inspiration in my new home.

  2. I haven't tried it yet but what's not to like?

  3. what a fun group! i love to color too...i bought my daughter one of those adult coloring books last christmas, maybe this year i'll get myself one! i saw the blood moon coming up last night but couldn't get a clear photo of it, it was hiding behind the neighbor's tree :(

  4. Yes, adult coloring is the new thing it seems, Latane. I also attend an adult coloring group at the local library whenever I can. I received a few books and pencils as a birthday gift this year and while I enjoy the pastime, it's not something I do regularly at home. But, like yourself, I do always take my kindle or a book when waiting for an appointment.


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