Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Long Gone Flowers

Things are changing, time marches on. 
                    Summer has past, Fall is just about gone.. 
                               Winter is breathing down our necks. 

So, pictures of beautiful flowers have to suffice until Spring rolls around once more.

The wild flowers blooming on the ponds banks. It was the view I had every day!

The crepe myrtle has stopped blooming, has dropped it's leaves. It's pretty bare right now but these were gracing the edge of my third floor balcony back when......

I so enjoyed my pretty petunias. They have long been gone. Well, there is always next year. 

Have a great rest of the week!!


  1. The petunias were a feast for the eyes, beautiful.

  2. Beautiful flowers...we always are so thrilled when they come back to us each spring and summer! You will get to enjoy these and many more again, for sure. Love the pink of those petunias!

    Yes, the quilt show was a nice break and getting to spend time with Paulette that day. I spoke with a man who is from Oregon and he gave me info on getting my Husvarna Viking cleaned and adjusted after the move. Talked to a couple of people about sewing machine and cutting tables too. Not planning to use the big desk anymore (it's going in the garage) and eventually will need a nice sewing table and the right size cutting table. But it will be a while. Have to get a carport for one of the cars, a storage building, and a few other things in the next year. In the meantime, I plan to use a little table I have for a sewing table and just do my cutting on the kitchen bar counter. I'm putting the white 40s-style cabinet I have used to display some of my dishes in since NC, into the sewing room for fabric, instead of using a chest of drawers now. The glass front doors will help me see what I have very readily, and that chest of drawers is going into Russell's office. Lots of changes...I cannot wait!!! :-)

  3. i miss the pretty flowers but have been enjoying the fall foliage!!!

  4. love all there pretty flowers! I grow lots of petunias every summer and they are so hardy and last forever. I still have quite a bit blooming here like my cannas, four o'clocks, dianathus, moonflowers, and begonias. I guess they will hang around unless it gets chilly


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