Thursday, December 8, 2016


I was just thinking....

It's time for some FENCES. I so seldom see a good fence anymore but do have some in my picture archives. Let's see what I can find this morning. How about some cemetery fences?

This one encircles the large cemetery downtown Suffolk, Virginia. 

                                     and this one is around a cemetery in Edenton, North Carolina. 

Both cemeteries are very old and most interesting to wander about in. Do you have cemeteries like that where you live? Have you ever just meandered around, looking at the tombstone?

I started doing that, looking in old cemeteries, when I did genealogy. It's amazing what you can find there. 


  1. Many of our local cemeteries are surrounded by walls, which I find quite interesting as some have dates stamped into the bricks.

  2. Beautiful photos, Mom! Hey, visit my Nov 22 post!!!! :-) I feel like people have totally forgotten about me, and I was surprised to at least not have a comment from you!

  3. Some lovely fences. I have done some cemetery wandering, especially in the various burying grounds in Boston, they are fascinating.

  4. beautiful latane! i love old cemeteries and we have a few here that i like to wander around in!

  5. Yes, I do enjoy the stories and history contained behind those cemetery fences.


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