Monday, January 30, 2017

An Old Barn

Don't you just love to drive around in the countryside and see all the amazing things. One of them that I enjoy is finding old barns. I am linking to Barn Collective. Thanks Tom for manning this meme.

                      I loved the three-tiered roof on this one. Sorry but I couldn't stop for a better picture.                                          We were on a trip and in a hurry to get home. And, I wasn't driving!!

                                                                      another angle


  1. what a find, i have never seen a roof like that!! it looks like it is leaning but it could be the angle of the photo!!!

  2. Driving through the country sure a favorite past time for me. Latane, thanks for sharing this barn which no doubt is older that you and I combined! It's great to have you here, I hope that you can find your way back again.

  3. It looks amazing, such a beautiful barn.

  4. It's a great barn. I am looking forward to joining in with this meme now that I am where barns can be found! :-)


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